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IAAPA 2010 Trade Show Orlando Coverage! Photo & Video Update


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It is time for Day 3 Updates!!


Update #1 - 12:30 P.M. - Kuka, Premier, U.S. Thrill Rides, and More!



Another day on the IAAPA show floor!



OMG! How did we not see this before??? It's beautiful! I believe they are praising Prince Desmond.



Kuka are the guys behind those crazy Robocoaster arms and they say "un-officially" the Harry Potter ride. Did you know there was a Robocoaster at Epcot?



Yup, these guys are still around too!



Another look at Premier's coaster train.






US Thrill Rides introduced and interesting concept that's a cross between a Skycoaster and a Gondola transportation ride.



Designed by Bill Kitchen, the inventor of the original Skycoaster.



"Riders can hang from the cable and can be propelled up to 30MPH."



Euro Bungy never gets old!



Carousel enthusiasts may appreciate this.

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That HeliHopper ride is hilarious! I will admit, I watched that part a few times in a row because the reactions were so awesome!


I'm really looking forward to the Q-bot wristband for water parks. I have wanted to go to water parks (attached to theme parks and otherwise), but they always seem SO crowded that it kinda turns me away. Hopefully this will work and be a great reason to make an effort to finally go!


PS - Thanks so much for all the pics and videos!

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Day 3 - Update #2 - 2:20 P.M. - The Booths of IAAPA 2010



Let's call this part the "Booths of IAAPA 2010" - an overall look at some of the displays. Here is Vekoma.



Premier Rides Booth.



Lo-q, makers of Q-Bot booth.



The Gravity Group booth.



Our friends at Amusement Today (check out the current issue for TPR's ad!)



Whitewater West's booth.



Gerstlauer's booth.



Rocky Mountain Coaster's booth.



Intamin's booth (displaying TPR produced video!)



B&M's booth.



S&S Worldwide booth, also showing TPR Produced video!

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Yay for the TPR videos! Awesome updates. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It is absolutely amazing how in-depth and detailed your coverage is. No one even comes close! It's a lot of fun following along on Facebook as well because it's a live update and we can follow along as you go from booth to booth! Thanks a ton!


The Skyquest could be really fun, but I could just see myself having to go to the bathroom halfway through the ride. That would not be good. I definitely need to try the helicopter sometime as well

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Day 3 - Update #3 - LOTS OF FOOD, the High-Five Element, and the new Timberliner Trains!



You wanted some food pictures so here ya go! Snyder had pretzel cones!



"I only need to eat 437 more of these to fill out that XXXXL ACE shirt"



Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream????



"It makes my farts go 6,000 miles per hour!"






Yes...they really are selling yellow snow!



"It sort of tastes like pee!"



Oooh, what's this at Martin & Vlemickx?



Close up model of the HIGH FIVE!



See, looks just like the picture!



Another angle of the concept drawing.



And the world can never have too many photos of the Timberliner Trains, right?



Side view!

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