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Bell Gardens [RCT3]

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I was half hoping to see a rapids ride, but what you decided to go with is just as good.


I see you noticed the hint in the background....can you guess what this waterfall is part of as well?


A rapids ride wouldn't have taken up the black void of a plot of land in the back of the park, and the two RCT3 designs weren't too appealing to me. This addition fits much better.


Here's an album of nightscape photos from the park, and contains some of the best pictures I've ever taken in the game!

Shot0706 (Copy).bmp


Shot0705 (Copy).bmp


Shot0708 (Copy).bmp

Thunder Racer

Shot0709 (Copy).bmp

That mysterious waterfall again? ;)

Shot0714 (Copy).bmp

Skywheel = Most Photogenic Ride in RCT3

Shot0711 (Copy).bmp

Hands down, my favorite picture of the park I've ever taken.

Shot0712 (Copy).bmp

Ominous Log Flume

Shot0715 (Copy).bmp

Can't get enough of Thunder Racer!

Shot0716 (Copy).bmp

One last shot....









A sneak preview...













Of Bell Garden's final major expansion...






Of Western proportions...

Shot0710 (Copy).bmp

Plunging into Bell Gardens Soon

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Hey everybody! I think it's finally time I gave you all a good long look at the final major addition to Bell Gardens!


Western Waters Adventure Park

Shot0719 (Copy).bmp

The childern's play structure features a water tower and hotel with two small slides and lot of water spewing from everywhere.

Shot0720 (Copy).bmp

The big slide tower

Shot0721 (Copy).bmp

Overview of one side of the park

Shot0722 (Copy).bmp

Three racing mat slides

Shot0723 (Copy).bmp

A closer look at the play structure


More soon to come!

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In addition to the waterpark, Western Waters, I will also be adding Gold Dust Ranch, a hotel propertey that will be directly attatched to the park. A monorail will allow Resort guests to enter into the park next to the train bridge across from Kitanzi starting 15 minutes before the park opens to the public.

Shot0754 (Copy).bmp

A picture of the new Stylized monorail.

Shot0755 (Copy).bmp

It parallels the train track for much of its run.

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Evil has been....





The Factory now has been turned into a large themed area with a flatride package. The area is now being called:



Shot0757 (Copy).bmp

Haywire, the Top Star in the foreground, The Factory in the Mmidground, and Smoke Stacker, the Parachute tower int he background.

Shot0758 (Copy).bmp


Shot0759 (Copy).bmp


Shot0761 (Copy).bmp


Shot0762 (Copy).bmp

Shot0763 (Copy).bmp

Smoke Stacker

Shot0764 (Copy).bmp

Smoke Stacker

Shot0760 (Copy).bmp

Smoke Stacker

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Here's a more in depth look at some of the new areas and features around the park.

Shot0765 (Copy).bmp

I updated Mechanism a bit, made it partially indoors.

Shot0766 (Copy).bmp


Shot0767 (Copy).bmp

new overview

Shot0768 (Copy).bmp

the Factory

Shot0769 (Copy).bmp

Smoke Stacker

Shot0770 (Copy).bmp


Shot0771 (Copy).bmp

Looking Up

Shot0772 (Copy).bmp

I added this new Rovatator Attraction to the back of the park calledThe Devil's Mine

Shot0773 (Copy).bmp


Shot0774 (Copy).bmp

Western Waters staff doing night drills before the Grand Opening

Shot0775 (Copy).bmp

Western Waters

Shot0776 (Copy).bmp

Western Waters

Shot0777 (Copy).bmp

Aces High, my 777th picture :)

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Here's a few more general park pictures.


I've been working on this project for almost a year and a half now...that's probably the longest I've ever spent on something in my life. It's a great park, and I've been refining and updating it as I've been able to gain design skills. Needless to say, I am ineed trying to make this the best realistic, NCS, no cheat, no option txt. change park there ever has been. In my mind, I think I've accomplished a very good park with what the game gave us. It's a park like this that I think really shows what can be done with RCT3, or with any creative medium as long as you put your mind to it. I hope you've enjoyed the amount of time and effort I've put in to crafting this park.



Shot0779 (Copy).bmp

Overview of the park. I still have to add peep friendliness to the back of the park (trash bins, lamps, benches etc. and I have to finish the hotel.

Shot0780 (Copy).bmp

Shot0781 (Copy).bmp

Shot0782 (Copy).bmp

Shot0783 (Copy).bmp

Shot0784 (Copy).bmp

Shot0785 (Copy).bmp

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Hey guys. This park has been under a major amount of lag lately, and until I get a new computer, this park is officially on hold/finished.


If there's any interest in the park I might finish it up once I get a new computer, but currently I don't have the drive nor the time...


Thanks for understanding/Does anyone even care?

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