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Union Tribune September 9th, 1977


Today at local amusement park Bell Gardens, and patron was approached by park owner and manager, Thomas Heart.


He says Heart asked him about the possiblity of a new attraction, that would be beyond anything the the later owner, Alexander Knight, could have imagined. All he was give was this mysterious logo, with the words THE FACORTY printed on it.


Heart told the patron it would be a unique experience that would amaze guests and keep them coming back for more.


What could this be?




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Union Tribune September 15th, 1977


Today local amusement park Bell Gardens announced an amazing new experience for 1978, dubbed, The Factory, this new attraction will be thrilling guests starting next spring. "It will be an indoor wild mouse style coaster from Miller" says park manager Thomas Heart, "and it will be highly themed, to a derilect factory, left over from the industrial revolution of the late 1800's. The ride will also feature many special effects, provided by Universal Studio in Hollywood.".


Heart declined to say how much the attraction would cost, but it is expected that it is more than Thunder Racer, which is the park's set of racing wooden coasters.


The Factory will open Spring Break of 1978.


Interesting, I like the concept art!


Looks highly themed to me!

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January 5, 1978


Journal Entry


It's been several long months, but the trackwork for The Factory was completed last week, and today it took it's first test run!


While the ride is complete, the theming is not, and it may take a while to finish up theming the ride, hopefully, it'll be finished by March....


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Note: I recently had a member of this site use my work and post it as his own creation, without my permission. Now I don't mind if you use my work, but I would appreciate it if I could aprrove of it before hand, or, you know, you could make your own creation .



As opening day quicky approaches, a new logo for the factory has been released!


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Nice, but maybe you should work on a logo that can stand out on its own, and not have to have that background to make it complete.

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Hello Everyone, This is Alexander (SoCalCoasters)


I'm sorry to inform that Bell Gardens will be on hold until the beginning of June. School work has been getting in the way of updates and park building.


The Factory's indoor theming is nearly complete. I just need to finish the exterior structure and station/queue . If anyone would be interested in creating a better logo for my new coaster, please contact me.


The Factory should be posted this weekend, and then I will go into hibernation for around a month (maybe less).


The Factory is quite a large project, and took much longer than I had originally anticipated. I am sorry for such a long delay. This project, in my opinion, is my greatest creation so far. I created a fantastic NCS indoor roller coaster. I hope to impress you with my work as soon as possible.


To all my devoted followers (if I have any ) Don't give up on this thread. Over the summer, I hope to get Bell Gardens through the 80's and into the early 90's.


The plan is actually finish the park completely this summer, but to update the park with planned updates prepared over the summer.


This way, you will be able to view my work regularly, and I won't be stretched for time and release a half baked job.



I hope to create an NCS Masterpiece that everyone will be impressed with!


Wish Me Luck!



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Hello everyone, it's finally here!


This is a dark coaster made with no custom scenery.



The exterior.


The inside queue area. It's rather small, but this is very high capacity ride.


In the queue, you can catch a glimpse of a train heading towards the lift.


The station area.


The pre-drop/transfer track area.


Heading towards the lift.


The lifthill.


The first drop.


The steam room, right after the first drop.


The cars navigating the switchback area.


The second half of the ride, which takes you into the lower sections of the Factory.


Deeper into the ride.


The final bunny hill.


The final room.


Hallway before the station.


The station and transfer track.


The outside area, a testing area.




Exit of the ride.

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Admittedly, The Factory is very well done! I'd say that you've managed to properly attach a theme to a generic stock ride (wild mouse) in a way that brings a unique experience ^.^ And I must say, I think I have been inspired to make a dark ride in RCT3 as well because of this. Excellent job!

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