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"Tony Hawk" "Wiggles" and "Thomas" to leave Six Flags?

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Strange..first this..


Six Flags Great America/Hurricane Harbor Hey Ronald, sometimes they are called rumors for a reason.


Our park will have the Glow in the Park parade in 2011.




Then this..


@Roller_Coaster @Screamscape Glow in the Park will be @SixFlagsMexico exclusive. Still tons of great shows on tap for 2011 in the US parks!



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SFFT short staffed, one train on Goliath, one! with a 1:30 wait! Rattler staff was overly slow, and Superman only had two ops on the platform which seems to have become more normal for them. SFOT's bathrooms were nasty and Judge Roy's crew acts like they are running one train half the time, we sat on the brake run for 5 minutes while they were standing around talking!


Surprisingly, this is all normal. Things have been this way on these rides for years. The odd thing about Judge is that almost all of the other crews at SFOT are great, so it's sort of an anomaly, but still expected.

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^ yeah I get the feeling that the crew on Roy feels that since they are more or less seperated from the rest of the park they can get away with screwing off. I agree, it's been that way for a while. Still, I 've been to these parks many times over the last few years and have experienced some really good ops, last time around tho, it was worse than normal.

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In regards to the Glow In The Park rumor, Six Flags Great America has just confirmed on their Facebook Page that Glow In The Park will be returning for 2011.


That was a really great parade! I'm so glad the park has decided to keep the parade, because I thought it was lovely. I've seen the parade, 5 times, and each time, I had to fight for spots! (Even thought the park was empty during the day! Many people actually want to see the parade)


I remember reading a post by Elissa from awhile back replying to all the people saying "Why add the parade, it doesn't do a lot!" And she did mention how it might not bring more guests to the park, but it keeps people in the park longer. Usually, I would end off the parks Marathon-ing coasters, but I have noticed a HUGE amount of increase in guests in line for rides at night (or could be a coincidence.)


And after reading over this thread about SF Fiesta Texas operations, I guess the operations at SF Great America are amazing!

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On SFNE Facebook:

The parade is not coming back in 2011. We are introducing a new show package that will run Memorial Day – Labor Day. We will be announcing details soon so stay tuned…


On SFGAm Facebook:

I am 100% positive that Glow in the Park will be happening here. I can't exactly speak for all of the other parks.
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I think since Warner Brothers Entertainment owns all rights to the Batman character and name (including alternate names such as The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader and The World's Greatest Detective) under it's ownership of the DC Entertainment it's not as much of an issue For Six Flags with it's DC character exclusivity as let's say them using Terminator: Salvation; while the film was released under Warner Brothers Entertainment stateside, the actual rights belong to the Halcyon Company so separate deals have to be made with other companies which is why it was nixed as opposed to The Dark Knight (and remember, SFNE Opened a Dark Knight coaster in 2002 long before the re-launch of the Batman brand).



/movie-coaster nerd

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^So we might finally have something to discuss in the Six Flags America thread?!?!


(Sorry, couldn't resist)


As a Virginia native, I wouldn't be too hurt if they finally put that old dog out of its misery. I'm waiting for them to close/sell the foreign properties, and maybe even the Great Escape.


For a company that emerged from bankruptcy, they sure are very financially aware. It's not a bad thing, but could it be a telling sign they are teetering n Chapter 11's edge still?


What foreign properties? they sold of the European parks back in 04 & with the investments made to the Mexico & Canadian parks I don't see them closing anytime soon....SFA on the otherhand I see being shut down or sold to another owner.I don't think PG county would let them demolish the park as they,and the state make some revenue off of the 2% amusement tax that's part of the admission price but the writing has been on the wall with this place for the last decade going back to the Burke/premier era since the park hasn't seen any major thrill ride investments since Batwing in 2001 & has seen several rides removed in the ten years since that time.

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Let's see:


Massive cuts to 'branded' rides, shows and attractions.

Closings of subsidiaries of the company

Reductions in overall operating capacity

Reductions in new ride investment at many of the parks

Parks that ARE getting expansion rides are getting smaller attractions...


I'm going to look into my 'crystal ball' on this one and say that parks are next to be sold off/closed...


Short list:

SFA: Bye bye bye... For years this park has languished under mis-management and neglect; it's showing serious problems operationally and internally, and has suffered at a total lack of investment in new rides. Hearing the repeated excuse that the park has been recieving funding for 'infrastructure' improvements, while still seeing many things unchanged doesn't sound like they're putting any real money where it needs to go. Infighting with Prince Georges county doesn't help the matter- not to mention they have been fighting them uphill for the better part of 20 years over expansion and additions (I can think back when Wild World was fighting to put up new rides on this one) and it hasn't changed one bit. Solution to SF? Sell off the land, move the rides, and close up shop, putting people out of work, and PG county losing a tax base.


Great Escape: SOLD to the highest bidder: I'm still pretty amazed this hasn't happened yet. The park is in good condition, and has a decent mix of rides that would make it attractive to another company for purchase.


La Ronde: SOLD to the Highest bidder: This park, although smaller than most, has also got a good mix of rides and attractions, and is generally well-kept. The problem is that the international aspects of the SF company aren't working- two parks do not an international chain make, and it just doesn't fit with the SF branding overall.


SF Mexico: SOLD to the Highest Bidder: Same as with La Ronde: It just doesn't fit under the banner of what a true SF park should be. Yes, there's a population base, but it's far removed from what SF is used to working with. It's an asset that can be unloaded I think with some effort.


The problem with selling off some of the parks will be getting a decent price in a saturated sales market and slumbering economy.This might make it more attractive to dump these parks when things turn around; unless a 'miracle' buyer is found. Either way, SF is showing their cards that all is not well in the new kingdom... and that they are making choices to preserve what they DO have in store for the future.




And herein lies the problem if SFI would QUIT dumping all of their capital into SFMM & SFGRADV for a few years in an effort to improve parks like SFA then they'd see a turnaround there...how many da*n coasters does SFMM or SFGRADV need? considering the fact that SFGRADV in particular has lost many flats due to staffing problems.A new coaster won't do them much good right now if they don't have the employees from the local population needed to run it.


I'm still pi$$ed with SFI for not giving SFA the remaining rides that they went through a lot of effort to get zoning approval for.They had big plans for the park until Burke went on his "lets spoil SFMM,SFGRADV & SFGRAM rotten & the hell with the rest of the parks" kick that began with the 2002 season & then Shapiro spoiling SFNE rotten just because he's got family living up there.

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