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/\Thanks! I always enjoy the comments (and would appreciate more ).


Opening Day Report Part III


Some of the rides took on a different personality as the sun set on Twisted Oak's Glenn first new day of operation.


Spelunker's line never let out, however ride operators were spitting out trains at 45 second intervals!


There's an added mystery to the ride at night.


Jack Rabbit, the least covered ride, was a great deal of peoples final ride for the night, due to its location by the entrance and exit.


Families took a leisurely stroll through the relaxing park before ending their day.



Please comment and enjoy!


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yes they can...


Peep Review


Our first day went great! 1200 (rct3) peeps came to the park for opening day, creating very long lines for some of the biggest attractions. We interviewed a few peeps today and got very helpful responses!


Drake and Fiona both were very excited to come to Twisted Oak's grand reopening--they made a pilgrimage from San Francisco just to be here for opening day. Some of their thoughts included "Coming through!" "This park is really tidy" "I'm stressed" and "The shame."


The next group we interviewed asked for their identities to be kept secret. Some of their thoughts included "Where are all the rides?" Watch the birdy.." You little terror!" "Blanche F makes me happy" and "You've got your thumb over the lens."

*Note: all thoughts are actual thoughts from the game... I have absolutely no idea what some of these mean. :-\


Here's an overall sample of the guests thoughts:


As you can see peeps really enjoyed the park, however there is still room for improvements. Hope you enjoyed that "fun" break from the regular updates.


Now its your turn:


What is your favorite roller coaster?

Non-roller coaster attraction?

What does the park lack?

What roller coaster would you like to see in the future (remember the time period).

Anything else worth mentioning?


Please Comment and Enjoy!

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Special Guest Visit!!

Shyguy's World's Future Imagineer visits Twisted Oak Glenn

Hello everyone! I’m Marc D, and I’m an amusement park connoisseur! I remember when I went to this park for the final time before it closed in 1987 and I’m so glad to see it open once again! It seems so much different now for some reason.



The first ride I went on was Dizzy Doozy, as it had a really short line when I stopped by. I later realized that so did everything else, since I went in the middle of the week!



A view of the park just after the lift hill. It’s a very smooth coaster, but it’s still on the short side for my tastes. It’s still fun though!



Up next I headed over to Calamity Mine Train Adventure, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I really liked all the landscaping and theming on the ride.


At this point I was getting pretty hungry. I was a little disappointed when I found out that all the park had to offer in the way of food were a couple stands selling pretzels, popcorn, and corndogs. I think a couple quick service restaurants or food courts would do wonders financially for this park next season, as I’m sure some people leave the park to eat elsewhere. After I had a couple corndogs I went on some of the park’s smaller rides, like Underpass Motorway.



Up next I made my way over to Jack Rabbit and passed by the Skeleton Ball façade. It looks pretty promising, but I hear the interior leaves some to be desired, so I’ll wait until a later trip to ride this one.



Jack Rabbit. It was a fun ride and a fairly decent woodie!


To end the day, I took a ride on Spelunker, which had the longest wait for the day. It was fast! I didn’t even want to risk taking a picture!



As I was heading home for the day, I took this picture.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this park. It has some good coasters and some fairly decent flat rides. The many gardens throughout the park give it a nice touch, but sometimes I wished for more variety in the landscaping, and maybe even some ponds or fountains. It’s good to see that this park is on its way to becoming something special and I can't wait until my nex visit!

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/\Yep, just busy! Here's an update, just in time.

Thanks all else for the encouraging comments.


Mid Season Update & Rumor Mill


Friday I had a chance to go to the park for a few hours--I love my Twisted Oak Glenn Season Passes! It sure was an interesting visit.


After riding Spelunker, I wanted to take the kids on Calamity Mine Train Adventure. I found a group of guests around a big wall. A nearby employee told me it was for new attractions, to debut July.


Looks like Blitz may open for the season after all, but I wonder what else will be coming...


While riding Spelunker today, our train slammed unusually hard into the Mid-Point Breaks and came to an immediate halt. Apparently the ride had to be e-vaced due to an air brake malfunction in the brake run. I was told it may take some time to fix, but hopefully not too long. Anyway, I was able to snap a picture of the construction site from Spelunker's low zone for an interesting angle.


Jack Rabbit looks great from the tram, most of the layout is so hidden.

I heard the other new attraction will be used, coming from another park somewhere. I'm still wondering what it will be--anyone have any ideas? In other news, I heard the park was looking to expand, but not on property this time. I guess we'll just have to see what that means.[/font]


Please Comment and Enjoy!


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