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Batwing [RCT2]

What would this get at NE?  

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  1. 1. What would this get at NE?

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The theming leaves a little to be desired (it looks quite sparse and empty, and the station is boxy) but you sure do have a real unique ride there. I wonder how the dark-ride portion would really work, though, with the riders on their backs. Unless it's all on the ceilings?

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Wait! This didn't get zero points, you just didn't submit it competitively so they just didn't score it. When you submit your design you have to check a box that says whether or not you want this to go up to the panelists or not. This is definitely worth more than zero points

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Even if it were to be resent in, I don't think this would get anything higher than a 10.


I mean, Coupons little park only got a 40, and that thing was awesome.


NE is the top, this isn't really so much. Advise to anyone who goes for NE, make sure your content matches up with the NE standards by familiarizing yourself with those standards.

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You have to be VERY talented at RCT2 and I've been playing RCT2 since it first came out and I'm nowhere near what the users of NE put out. I do download a users park if it's a Spotlight, Gold, Silver, or Bronze and just look at it for a while. I do learn somethings just by looking at the park but then again, I don't like hacking rides and using custom scenery. I also thought Coupon's park was amazing and it got a 40. My advice is to look at some of NE's top rated parks and download them and just browse them and see what kind of stuff NE looks for. Good luck because I can never make it there.

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