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Ten Random Facts About America


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I might have to post ten of these a day they're so random... Here's ten random facts about America. Let's see how many of you dispute them...


1. 25% of Americans do not understand the term "holocaust"


2. 62% of American dog owners sign cards/letters from themselves and their dogs, while 33% admit to talking to their dogs by phone while they are away


3. Almost 90% of Americans label themselves as "shy"


4. There are 61 towns in the US with the word "turkey" in their names, but only 4 which contain the word "chicken" (Go on, try and name em all, I dare ya!)


5. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar (Once again, I dare ya!)


6. One in five Americans does not like sex


7. 12 million Americans do not know their country's capital


8. 20% of Americans do not know that Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are different people (How the hell is this possible?!?!)


9. The average American eats 28 whole pigs in their lifetime


10. TECHNICALLY, there are only 46 states in the US of A... Guess which four aren't exactly official...


And just to prove that the Yellow Pages in America is as truly great as the British version, in 1980 they managed to list a Texan funeral director under "Frozen Foods". Classic!


Lou- "loving my level of randomness today" -ise

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Yeah, I always found that weird: English muffins are not from England, and in England are not even referred to as English muffins!! Hmm.


Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia are the commonwealths by the way, not that I actually understand the distinction. But California IS a state apparently.


Have any Americans here actually ever met anyone who thinks Osama and Saddam are the same person? I realise a certain percentage of the world's population are pretty dumb but... that takes the biscuit if it's true.

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