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Pittsburgh Primanti Sandwich


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To anyone from TPR that has been to Pittsburgh and tried one of these. However, do not do what they do. They tend to load up the slaw and fries. Load up meat and eggs instead. Let the slaw and fries be an accent.


I have missed these since living in Phoenix. The crazy things I do to come down on some free time. 

Well, I figured out how to create these bad boy cholesterol nightmares from scratch. Got to love reverse engineering and I started my research well before moving to Phoenix. Well, I have created a concoction that is going to be as close as I get without actual lab tests of ingredients.


First we will start with the complicated part which is the ingredients and process to make the “Sweet and Sour Slaw”. I tried getting the proportion directly from them and they are not giving them. Oh well, back to as close as I can get with reverse engineering and modifications with taste over time.


- Fresh Green Cabbage cut long (around a half head).

- ¼ cup of Sugar.

- ¼ Cup of Vegetable Oil (Plain Vegetable oil is best. Do not use Olive Oil it is to strong of a taste and to light in nature).

- ¼ Cup of Cider Vinegar (add a very small amount white if you want more sour taste).

- ¼ Tsp of Celery Salt.

- ¼ Tsp of Black Pepper (I use mostly fine with a little course mixed in for a bang).

- 1/8 Tsp Table Salt.



- Mix all ingredients in pot (EXCEPT the cabbage) and bring to a slight boil to dissolve the sugar.

- Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature or below in the fridge.

- Put cabbage in a bowl with the liquid, cover and refrigerate for around 6 hours at least. Toss multiple times for best results and drain off excess liquids.

- Ready to serve. (Should stay fresh for up to 3 days)


Now to the easy part the making of the sandwich.



- Whole Italian Bread (if in Pittsburgh, Breadworks or Mancinnis will do).

- About ¼ pound Sliced Lunch Meat (I use Pastrami)

- Sour Slaw from previous steps

- Fresh Brown Potato’s with a French Fry cut.

- Sliced Tomato (I do not use)

- Provolone (I do not use)

- 3+ Jumbo Eggs




- Cut bread to make two slices around 1 inch thick.

- Deep Fry your French Fry’s and put on the side.

- Place lunch meat in warm skillet and lightly warm(do not burn).

- Place Provolone slice on top of the lunch meat and continue cooking until lightly melted.

- Place lunch meat and provolone on the first piece of bread.

- Fry the 3+ eggs. Break yolk and turn, but do not scramble. (Lets the eggs be a little runny for best results).

- Place eggs on top of meat\provolone on the sandwich.

- Place fries on top of eggs.

- Place sour slaw on top of fries with a slice of tomato.

- Place second piece of bread on top and cut in half on a piece of wax paper.


There you go, that is as close as I can get for now. I however am not liable for your health if you eat this.


I may make on of these tonight and post a picture...

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