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Cardinal Lake Amusement Park- Download page 6!

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Okay I think I got this to work.


Cardinal Lake Download


Tell me if it worked! Just put file into: User/Documents/RCT3/Parks


Required CS:

NetOn 2.1: http://neton.rct-net.de/index.php?page=download (Make sure you download the English Version)



You also need a couple Dasmazte Sets:


M&P Coal Mine:http://www.dasmatze.de/rct/page.php?28


Random Stuff:http://www.dasmatze.de/rct/page.php?12


Covers & More:http://www.dasmatze.de/rct/page.php?20




Required CFR's:


Heave Ho:http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/ImagineerJohn/website2/HeaveHo.html


Sea Storm:http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/ImagineerJohn/website2/SeaStorm.html


Sea Ship:http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/ImagineerJohn/website2/SwingingShip.html


Frog Hopper:http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/ImagineerJohn/website2/KiddieTowers.html


Paratrooper: http://www.doughnutville.hostzi.com/Index.swf


There's 2 Other CFR's needed but the site is down so I included an attachment. All you have to do is extract it and place that file in /Style/Custom. And that's it! It's the RCT3_Advanced attachment.


Finally, you need Old Spices trees which I forgot where I got them so it's in an attachment, there all titled Old Spices Trees. Do the same thing as above but place all the folders in the Themed folder.


And I think that's it. I know it's a lot of downloading to do. Tell me if the attachments work. But if you download the park and decide to finish it, please post pics! I'd love to see what you do with the park! And if you have any problems with any of the downloads feel free to ask a question. Have fun with the park!

Old Spice's Large trees.rar

Old Spice's Palms.rar

old Spice's Small trees.rar


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