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Cardinal Lake Amusement Park- Download page 6!

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Wow. It's been a while but I finally have an update


Hey guys, Rich here!

It's been a while since I last updated you guys. A lot of stuff has happened since I last updated you guys!

Let's take a look!


Construction Journal #5


July 20th, 1995. The carousel building has been finished! It still needs a name though.


July 27th, 1995. This is old concept art, but the building has been finished!


July 31st, 1995. The paratrooper finished, its name is Eagle's Flight!


August 8th, 1995. Construction on the Bayou has started. (Note this is a WIP)


Here's how construction is going to work.

You can see that Phase 1, Main Street, has been finished.

Phase 2 is what we're currently doing, The Bayou and Colonial America.

Phase 3 will be Jungleland, a children's area, and some of the Lakefront Village.

Phase 4 will consist of finishing Lakefront Village, and the start of Apline Village.

Phase 5 will consist of finishing Apline Village and the construction of Voodoo, the coaster.

And after all of that the park will be finished! Stay Tuned for future updates!

Signing off,



Comments please! They mean a lot to me!

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^ Thanks! The phase thing is done by what is easier. Like colonial america and the bayou didn't really take that long to build. And the children's area I'm guessing won't take long either. So I'm doing the more difficult areas last (Lakefront and apline village)

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Construction Journal #6


Hey everybody! It is mid August and Colonial America is finished! It's very exciting, that's one step closer to the completion of the park! The area just needs some finishing touches. Onto the pics!


August 10th, 1995. The final building in Colonial America is finished! Thoughts?

Here are some other buildings I forgot to show. The Firehouse Restaurant and the History of America ride

August 21st, 1995. The 'Americana Tower' is finished marking the completion of Colonial America!

Onto the Bayou....

August 26th, 1995. The Bayou Hotel restaurant.

And a creepy church reminding of the city's dark past...


One more thing Tom is allowing me to post all the rides going into each section! Except Jungleland and Apline Square which will be announced later...


The list:

Colonial America:

-Eagle's Flight (Paratrooper)

-History of America (3D Movie Ride)

-Star Spangled Carousel (Yes I know it's the name from Holiday World... I couldn't think of anything else)

-Americana Tower (Observation Tower)

The Bayou:

-Voodoo (Custom Vekoma looper)

-Bayou Barrels (Tea Cups ride)

-Ghoul Swings


Rides will be unveiled in future update...

Lakefront Village:

-Screamin Sea Star (Riptide)

-Buccaneer (HUSS Pirate Ship)


Apline Square:

Rides announced in future update...


Do you guys still like the whole gradual construction idea? I'm losing a bit of inspiration to continue this...

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Hey everyone!

I am going to show you photos of the new area, Jungleland. Also Colonial America has received new paths and some finishing touches. Let's get to the pics!


Construction Journal Entry #7


September 8th, 1995. The new paths for Colonial America are finished. Also raised planters were added.


September 18th, 1995. The kiddie coaster is finished and started testing




September 25th, 1995. The first family flat was instaleed. Heave Ho!


As construction continues I'll keep you updated! Tell me what you think!

Signing off,


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Welcome back to Cardinal Lake! I got a full update on the completed Jungleland! Let's get right on into the pics!

Construction Journal Entry #8


First is the new promotional for the park.


Here you can see the station for the junior coaster surrounded by palms. It still needs a name.


The entrance and exit


October 5th, 1995. A middle east style building is finished


October 10th, 1995. Another one, very similar to the first one


October 16th, 1995. The Jungle Wheel is completed and started testing.


October 24th, 1995. El Condor is finished and started testing.


October 26th, 1995. Snake Slide is finished, very family friendly.


November 5th, 1995. Jungleland completed! All it needs is some finishing touches (paths, planters, etc)


Here is a progress on the park.

[√] -Parking lot

[√] -Entrance plaza

[√] -Main Street

[√] -Colonial America

[√] -Jungleland

[ ] -Lakefront Village

[ ] -Apline Square

[ ] -The Bayou.


As you can see, we are very close to being finished just 3 more areas! Next time I'll show you some concept art of Lakefront Village, which is definitely my favorite area by the looks of it! Stay tuned

Signing off


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Welcome back to Cardinal Lake! I'm excited to show you the first look at the new area: Lakefront Village! Let's get right into the pics!


Concept art:

One of the rides: Riptide




And Sea Storm. There's one other ride, Octopus' Whirl.


Construction Journal Entry #9

I just have a quick update for you guys. It's winter and a lot of storms are heading our way which might delay construction until next year.

November 9th, 1995. New paths and planter walls added to Jungleland.


November 17th, 1995. The first building is finished in Lakeside Village. What do you think?


Until next time with more updates on the construction of Lakeside Village.

Signing off,


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Very Nice


I'm liking this! I agree with paradise coaster...If you add some intamin mega coaster or something like that. This could be on the way to a very popular park!

Right now were only going to have one big coaster. But that will change in the future!


Hey everyone! I have a new construction update on Lakefront Village. Due to winter storms construction got delayed till almost spring, it's near the end of February right now. We now have a lot of work still to do in little bit of time!

Construction Journal Entry # 10


February 26th, 1996. Another building finally has been completed. It carries the architecture of the first one


March 1st, 1996. Another building has been finished. It acts as a filler building.


March, 10th, 1996. Probably my favorite building, the Crystal Arcade. It's not an arcade actually it's an indoor and outdoor restaurant.

Here's a picture of the side and outdoor eating area.


March 12th, 1996. To end the update here's a small stall that serves frozen lemonade.

The back...


Overview so far. March 13th, 1996.


More soon! What do you guys think of the area? Tom wants to here some of your feedback! Next update I will show the completion of Lakefront Village and maybe some teasers of Apline Square.

Stay tuned! Signing off


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This is such a good looking park! I love the look of the Arcade, nicely built.



Hello everyone! Just a quick update. It is now the beginning of April and Lakefront Village is completed!!

Construction Journal Entry #11

March 22nd, 1996. A new row of buildings completed


March 28th, 1996. Octopus' Whirl added.


April 4th, 1996. New paths added to Lakefront Village.


Lakefront Village is completed!! Overview. April 6th, 1996.


Next time I'll have some teasers of Alpine Village!! Stay tuned!


[√] -Parking lot

[√] -Entrance plaza

[√] -Main Street

[√] -Colonial America

[√] -Jungleland

[√ ] -Lakefront Village

[ ] -Alpine Square

[ ] -The Bayou.


Comments are appreciated!

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Not bad, not bad at all!! good use of shyguys's sets!


I think the pirateship (and other rides that are placed upon the river) would look better if you place some boulders along the walls. That way it looks more like it really comes out of the water instead of just a wall

Thanks for the suggestion. I might try that.

I really like the buildings! Especially the Crystal Arcade.
This just keeps getting better, and it's allready awesome!


If you want better.supports for your kiddie coaster, since many of them didn't connect well, I'd use Jcat's Mouse Works Set.


It is perfect for small guage track like the junior coaster.

Hmmm I'll try that because I couldn't get steelworx or msj to work... It looked weird on the coaster.


Hey everybody! Rich here. I don't have any construction updates but I do have some teasers for Alpine Village. Take a look!





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Looking really nice! What effects do you use on the photos, and is that a CFR? Looks awesome, can't wait for more!

I use photoshop for the concept art if that's what you're wondering.


I have sad news. I am going to stop this park...

Mainly because the lag created by it. I don't have the best computer and it's killing me! If you want a download I guess I'll post one. I am going to start a new project, probably a smaller park so I wont have that big of a lag issue. Look forward to it!

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Okay I will be posting a download later. Maybe someone can take over and finish it.

Here's some pictures of Alpine Village I never posted.




An unfinished outdoor eating area.



And this is where the park is left off...


An overview (One building isn't shown and the outdoor eating area isn't shown either).


So Alpine Village and The Bayou are the areas not finished. The Bayou didn't turn out the way I liked so if you guys want to change it I don't mind.

Again I will be posting a full list of CS/CFR needed and a download later. Oh and happy new year!

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