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Cardinal Lake Amusement Park- Download page 6!

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I know I've had many parks I abandoned. Mainly due to lack of support. So I'd really appreciate some comments! Onto story...


Good Morning Raleigh! You are listening to your favorite news station. It is March 3, 1995 and expect to see clear skies throughout today!


We just heard that a new amusement park may be heading our way by 1997. We had an interview with the park proposer Tom Locke.


Why are you planning on building this amusement park Tom?

Tom: Because I think the city of Raleigh and Durham deserves a local amusement park, and I am hoping that everyone comes out on opening day!

When do you expect the park will open?

Tom: I am hoping to get the park up and running by summer of 1997, and if not by 1998.

Can you tell us anything about the park?

Tom: Yes. All I can say is that the park will feature two roller coasters. That is all I can say...

Alright Tom we wish you the best of luck and hoping to see this amusement park open soon.

Tom: Thanks


One month later.... Hello everyone my name is Rich and I am a construction worker for the new Raleigh amusement park. Each month I will update you guys on construction on this park, so here we go.


April 16th, 1995. We finished the road leading up to the park!


April 22nd, 1995. The parking booths were completed.


April 30th, 1995. The parking lot was finally finished! Stay tuned for more... I'm a bit rusty at the game since I haven't played in a while. So comments please!

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^Thanks for all the comments!


Hey everyone! Rich here. I have some good news, we finished the entrance plaza! We are now starting on the Main Street area. But the owner needs help! He wants you to come up with the name to our new park! The contest will last 2 days from now and we will pick the winner then! So onto the pictures...


May 3rd, 1995. The finished ticket booths.


May 13th, 1995. Here is the finished guest services building.


May 18th, 1995. The season pass processing center!


May 27th, 1995. I present the finished entry plaza!


May 30th, 1995. An overview so far. At the lop left you can see paths being laid for main street!


And there you go! The park is about 10% complete and construction on main street is in full swing! Next log I will show you the first half of main street! And don't forget to enter for the naming contest! The only rules are the name has to be creative and original! Good Luck and see you next time!


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No comments?


Long time no see! Well I don't really have a large update for you guys. Sorry! But I do have a teaser shot of main street. Enjoy!


June 3rd, 1995. The first building on main street completed! Well that's it! What do you guys think?

Until next time! Promised with a full update.


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I know I would not name my park that for one simple reason....hmmm isn't there already a park called Six Flags South Carolina? I would not want my work to be compared to a god of RCT3 like CD5.


As for names, I would go towards more classic style names, such as Belmont Park, or Elitch Gardens, or something to a similar effect. Lokks great so far, can't wait to see what the park has in store roller coaster wise...

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Hey everyone its almost July and main street is completed!! But I'm going to split the update into two parts each showing one half of main street. Also the name has been chosen for the park! Tom is going to let me announce it tomorrow along with concept art of the new area were working on! Onto the pics!


Construction Log #3


June 5th, 1995. The second building on main street was completed!


June 8th, 1995. The 3rd building is completed. A nice brick building.


June 12th, 1995. The final building of the first half is completed. It has an apline bell tower!


And a teaser of the first completed ride! It's just an observation tower, but exciting nonetheless!



Okay and that's it. Next update I will show the rest of main street and announce the new name of the park! Stay tuned. What do you guys think?



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Thanks for all the comments guys!


Hey everyone! I got exciting news! The name for the park is Cardinal Lake Amusement Park. Like it?? And more news I am showing off the rest of main street! Enjoy!


Here is a promotional for the park (Note this is not the final logo just a promotional)


Onto main street!

Construction Log #4


June 14th. 1995. The cinema building is done! Expect great shows from here!


June 18th, 1995. The new restaurant, it does not have a name yet.


June 21st, 1995. The pond next to the cafe was completed!


June 26th, 1995. The last two buildings are completed! Two new cafe's: One apline themed.

And the other...


That's it. Main street is done! An overview...


And a teaser of what's to come...


Don't fear the Bayou. What could this mean?


What do you guys think?

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KQCA Raleigh News: July 30th, 1995. 1:32 PM

Cardinal Lake Amusement Park announces it's first themed area, Colonial America! Park owner Tom Locke states,

"The new area will be located right off of Main Street, I guess you could call it an expansion of main street? But all

the buildings will be patriotic, and it will feature 3 rides. But I can't tell you about that yet." Again the park is expected

to open by 1997 and Tom is hoping it will be a success. We'll keep you updated on news from this park.



Concept art:


Construction Journal #4

Hey guys! Quick update, not that much.


June 28th, 1995. The bridgeway leading into the soon Colonial America.


That's all for today, but Tom will be releasing some teasers about the park's coaster!! And what the whole 'bayou' thing is.




Comments comments comments!

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Cardinal Lake announces The Bayou!


Welcome to Shantytown, Louisiana! Population 1,019. This was once a vibrant, small and bustling coal mining town along the swampy bayou.

But not everything has a good end, this city was plagued by many unsolved and mysterious murders and fires. The town was abandoned in the 1930's.

Today it is one of the most haunted places in all of Louisiana as many unrestful spirits aside now. There are also cases of voodoo rituals taken place here,

Now it is coming to Cardinal Lake, so enter at your own risk, and don't be afraid.... Of the Bayou.


The park's coaster! Voodoo!



Construction will take place alongside Colonial America... Stay tuned

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