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IAAPA 2010 - What should TPR Check out?

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I'd be interested to see what some of the flat ride manufacturers have to offer.


Seconded. See what KMG (who should have a new ride to talk about), Mondial, Fabbri, Moser, Zamperla, Technical Park, and Sartori (I'd like to know if anything ever came of the awesome concept they showed last year of a drop tower with seats that flip) are to.


Also, I'd love to see the Chinese knock off company booths!

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Thanks guys! This has all been good feedback, however I was kind of looking for stuff more specific. Obviously we'll check out all the major booths for coasters, flat rides, dark rides, etc, and find out what "new and exciting" is going on. No need to say "Hey, can you check out any flat rides and haunt stuff?" because that's a given.


I was more wondering if there was anything specific that you were interested in that we could add to our list and try to get to.


For example, the guy that said "At Mack, what are they planning to build in Etnaland?" is exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping to get some feedback on.


Kind of sounds like, other than the obvious ones like "Does B&M have a train from Gardaland's coaster?" "Does Intamin have a Cheetah Hunt car?" "Will Gertlauer have the new lap bar Eurofighter trains?" etc, etc, there doesn't sound like there is anything that is too "stand out" prior to the show that people are dying to see.


Remember last year it all "OMG, I can't wait to see the Timberliner train!!!!"


Anything like that this year?



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I would be interested to hear what Intamin have to say about the development of the drop section on TH13TEEN and if they have future plans for the system or maybe even variations of it such as their own tilt coaster.






It would be interesting to know about the development of this section and also if there are any more coasters in the works with a larger or similar drop section.


Certainly would be interesting to hear about any new crazy flat rides.


I am actually more interested to maybe see on the B&M stand a train or car from Krake......B&M have promised stadium style seating aka Intamin Trains, will be interesting to see how this one plays out.


Try and hunt out any information on any possible new rides for the UK in the coming year, other than the relocation of a Vekoma and the relocation of a water rapids ride, the UK seems quite quiet at the moment for 2011, there must be something happening!!


I am sure as always Robb, whatever you bring us in the way of coverage will be well done! (and highly amusing too!)

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Couple more specific things I hope you could ask:


White Water West: Is White Water West building any new slides next year for the Legoland Water Park? (they were the sole slide providers)


Fabri: Ummm what happened with the Skycoaster-esque ride that fell over?


Gravity Group/GCI/Vekoma/Intamin/S&S/ Any Wooden Coaster Providers: Has Legoland California been talking with you about building a wooden coaster. (past or present) One was originally a possibility for where the waterpark now is.


S&S: Are you planning on bringing back any Arrow Dynamics designs besides the 4th Dimension Coaster?


Intamin: What is going on with Shoot the Rapids? I305? Are you replacing the LSMs on Superman for the re-model? (Personaly I'd like to see a train )


Zamperla: Why'd you change Coney Island's Flying Coaster from Custom to Clone? Will the Motocoaster be a Clone or Custom for Coney Island?


Gravity Group: Will Hades be getting Timberliners? (Please say yes)


S&S: Why did Extreme Rusher never open?


Permier: Are you still talking with Sea World San Diego about a coaster?



Just a few questions I think more than just I want answered...

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What has Chance been up to? Do they have any new versions of "Brain Surge" ? Have they sold any more of them? What new concepts are they showing off?


I would also love to see what S&S displays this year. It seems like they present something pretty new / crazy every expo. It might also be interesting to hear about where they see the future of their launch coaster going. The China launched coasters are very different than their previous models, do they have plans for a family / powder keg launch coaster in the works? How much farther will they push their El Loco concept. What other layouts / elements are they presenting?

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Please ask S&S if they are in talks with anyone to bring the FreeFly concept over to the US, and if any modifications would have to be made to the trains for one to operate here.


I currently have a major S&S fetish.

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-I would love to see some PAX stuff! That is...if Connyland's Cobra has not bankrupted them. Are there any other plans out there build any of their other crazy rides? Especially the PAX Screem or Asteriod.


-I have heard that Bailey has had a booth at IAAPA fairly recently. After riding an AutoSled and enjoying it, I am wondering if they are still in the ride building business.


-Have Ridetek and Sartori survived the Cobra accident at Tivoli Friheden? Is there any sign of them on the convention floor? What kind of products do they have on display?


-Is S&S planning on doing anymore Arrow designs, especially ArrowBatic? Is S&S planning on expanding on the Free Fly model? Finally, will S&S ever look at doing another woodent coaster.


-I also would like to see that inverted wooden coaster mentioned on another page from Gordon.


Thanks for allowing us to put in our imput Robb!


EDIT: ^&^^WOW! 3 S&S requests in a couple minutes!

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1.) Ask Mack about the future of the BlueFire concept of their launched coasters, and if they're planning on more 'custom' rides for larger/smaller park installations;


2.) Find somebody from Knoebels and get an update on the Flying Turns project- It's been a while since they've updated anything on it;


3.) Find both these objects: the nicest, roundest, most able to giggle boobies and get a picture of them; b) Find the most attractive and handsome guy in the place, and get a picture of them as well.


Beyond that, your usual IAAPA updates are -eagerly- awaited!



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