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So apparently there's a new movie being made in Hollywood about the Magic Kingdom park where all the attractions come to life. Sounds pretty awesome! Jon Favreau (Iron Man franchise) is in talks to be the director of the film. So basically it's gonna be like Night at the Museum.


EXCLUSIVE: Jon Favreau is in talks to direct Magic Kingdom, the Disney film with the premise that the attractions at the venerable theme park come to life. The studio set the project up nearly two years ago and got a draft by Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore, but a new writer will be set and work on a new draft under Favreau. CAA-repped Favreau will be signing a development deal, because the project will percolate while he works on other big scale studio films. He just completed Cowboys & Aliens, the DreamWorks/Universal co-production that stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Favreau will finish that film for release on July 29, 2011, and he is expected to re-team with Robert Downey Jr. for a third Iron Man, the franchise which was one of the Marvel films bought out from Paramount to be distributed by Disney. Magic Kingdom is being produced by Strike Entertainment partners Marc Abraham and Eric Newman, and while the studio has previously tapped theme park attractions for films like Pirates of the Caribbean, this is the first time it has created a movie featuring the entire park. Magic Kingdom sounds like Disney's derivative answer to Fox's Night at the Museum franchise, but the signing of Favreau to helm continues an interesting direction that the studio is going in under Rich Ross and Sean Bailey. They are making a concerted effort to draw A-list talent to the studio.


Earlier this week, Bailey landed The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock to helm Electric Boy Genius, and set Zombieland scribes Paul Wernick & Brett Reese to script Cowboy Viking Ninja. David Fincher is attached to direct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Sam Raimi to direct The Great and Powerful Oz, and Tim Burton to direct the Linda Woolverton-scripted Maleficent possibly with Angelina Jolie. Guillermo del Toro signed to produce Haunted Mansion, and Peter Hedges is directing Odd Life of Timothy Green, which just got Joel Edgerton as its star. Before he stepped into the production president job, Bailey produced Tron: Legacy, and he kept director Joseph Kosinski in the fold by acquiring his likely next film, Oblivion. That is now being written by The Departed scribe William Monahan.


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This sounds a lot like a novel I read about 5 kids waking up at night in the Magic Kingdom, where they had to solve the mystery of the dark magic in the park, a lot of it consisted of the attractions coming to life. I'm excited for this, really glad that they hired Favreau.

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Sounds like a great idea for a movie, but I was hoping for another movie that begins at Disneyland called "Mystery at Disneyland" (from a big little book that I read years ago).


The Opening begins like the TV show and leads to Walt Disney himself (an actor that has been CGI'ed to look like Walt Disney) and he spends a few minutes talking about the park. Then he introduces the story about a mystery that happened inside the park years ago (a few items were being stolen from various stores at nighttime). Although the mystery was nevered solved, the robberies ceased and things soon went back to normal. But Agent Mickey Mouse and his friend Goofy, both who were assigned to this case, wrote out a different report to be read by Walt himself. Then Walt presents the "Mystery at Disneyland". And of course this will be an animated feature.


Going back to the film that is being produced, I wonder if the plot might be similar to an old NES game I played way back in 1990 called "Adventures in Disneyland". In that game, you must wander through Disneyland to find the seven keys needed to open up the main gates. Six of those keys were found in various attractions and you played the mini games in order to collect them. The seventh key is earned by answering trivia questions about Disney.


Whatever the case might be, I think this might be a film to keep your mickey mouse ears open for.


"Please come to me; your bed misses you very much."

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This sounds cool but if you mix the attractions coming to life AS ZOMBIES I think that would be a huge hit. Imagine the Small World midgets as zombies, Pirates as zombies, oh man this could get freaking awesome!


Jimmy "Starting to write a script" Bo

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I remember hearing a very brief (as in a paragraph) announcement about this early october, and I'm glad there is more released on it. It sounds awesome, I can't wait! Between this and the Haunted Mansion movie by Del Toro I'm pretty excited.

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Ran across this story on MTV.com today


"Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau's in-development Disney film "Magic Kingdom" raised several eyebrows when it was first announced. Would it be Disney's answer to "Night at the Museum" with popular characters like Jack Sparrow and Buzz Lightyear running around the world-famous theme park, or would it be something else?


"[The story for Magic Kingdom] is essentially a family caught in Disneyland, bringing all of the attractions to life," Favreau told Geek Time radio (via Screen Rant) during a recent appearance on the show. "I really want to plumb the depths of the history of the park because it's a place I love to go a few times a year.”


Favreau added that he doesn't believe "Magic Kingdom" would be a mash-up that relies too heavily on other Disney properties like the aforementioned "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Toy Story" characters.

"I don't think it's going to be mixing all the other movies," he explained. "I think it's going to be its own thing; I don't think it will be like 'Night of the Museum.' I want to make it a little bit spookier like the old Disney movies were and try to really capture that tone. This is something that I've always been drawn to and now to say, 'What characters do you want to use, and how do you not make it 'Space Jam' or like the Christmas parade with every character?' How do you show restraint and how do you make it tie into the emotional development of the characters?"


But even without that "Space Jam" quality, Favreau said he's paying a lot of attention to Disney's expansive catalog, especially the older material: "I've got to watch every Disney property. I started with 'Steamboat Willy' working my way all the way up. I really want to focus on the classic stuff like 'Dumbo,' 'Steamboat Willy,' all the early black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons -- all the Fantasyland stuff. I think there was something timeless about what Walt [Disney] did, and I want to explore, not just Disneyland, but Walt’s vision of Disneyland. If you look at his concept art it diverges a little bit from what the park turned into over time; but if you look at his original concept art and really explore what that world is, I think there is something really fun and magical to be done there."


Another goal of Favreau's is to recapture the magic that a person feels when first setting foot in Disneyland.


"When Walt first set out to do it, there was something very nostalgic and forward-looking at the same time about Disneyland," he said. "When you went down Main Street, it was the turn of the century, it was days gone by and Tomorrowland was the future. There is such a weird shared experience that any of us who's ever gone to Disneyland feels that I don't think has really been mined yet. It's this collective subconscious that we have, and there are these archetypes that are so strong that there's a fun way to present something that is family entertainment but still will take you through the experience that you had [growing up]."


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Sounds a little similar to the Kingdom Keepers series of Books (those things made up of tons of pieces paper and have funny little symbols in them that don't move). Those would also make a good movie.

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