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[RCT2] - Legendar Park

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@let1gre - thanks

@AJ - Its not really a jumbo jet, lol. Its more of an original design.

@ghost - Well of course, My work is perfect

@dmax - Really? I think there easy to make. All they are IMO is just mini coasters/looping coasters with a more compact lift.

@PSI - Well thats to be expected of me =D



Here is update number two.


In my previous NCS Park(Enchanted Adventures) I did a space section. Well , I kinda want to consider this park as a chain park with this one. You won't be seeing clones and stuff, but do expect to see similar themes (I love doing western, forest, jungle, space, and pirate)



Now, heres some more awesome.


Oh yeah, I thought I'd let everyone know this before I get some comment regarding this. I did import some custom rides and custom paths. I'll probley need someone to help me park dat some stuff around later on if I do need so. Thats not right now though.


Until next time!

-Stay awesome, be awesome.

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Like i said on chat, the Firefly-esque dulers is a great idea. Not toal realism, but close enough that it could be pulled off in real life. Im not a fan of the supports, especially the roof object on top, but that might be the best you could do for this. Actually, maybe check out firefly on NE, might help with supporting it. Looks good tho, good start to the park.

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