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Photo TR: It's Still Halloween, Right?

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Our Good Friend Andy flew in all the way from Chicago, Illinois to join us in our hauntings.


"Andy, you ready for Halloween?"

I'll say he is.


George, in the green, and Austin, in... in the green, joined us too.

Here they are doing their impression of this really uncomfortable picture:

Oh... man. I feel so dirty looking at that.


Moving on.

Our Good Friend Andy, George, and Austin. All here to experience Halloween Horror Nights. *Not pictured = Me.


The scene was set for mischievous monsters to come out and terrorize us.

We made it through a thick fog and suddenly found ourselves in front of this bizarre roadside attraction.

Our Good Friend Andy got to experience life IN 3-D!


After 1000 Corpses rained upon us, we ventured down, down, down to the depths... of the Lower Lot.

Our Good Friend Andy was surprised to see Mr. Hanks.

George tried to recreate the picture with Tom. Nah, still not workin' buddy.


The Lower Lot looks scary...


I don't know about this, guys...



Our Good Friend Andy had never been to Universal (or even California for that matter) so we did some of the attractions like Mummy, Kong, and Jurassic Park.


We hit "Saw" which was... well, just as good as last year, I guess. Then we went back up.


George decided to run up. What a fool.

"I can make it! I can..."

He then collapsed out of heat exhaustion.


This is where the real magic happens.


...this is the only steady shot I got the whole time. That's all you get.


Austin is quite impressed with the Terror Tram.

"I am quite impressed." See?


Flames are just so cool!


George was then eaten by a photobooth. This made us all quite hungry as well. While we got some grub, I noticed this little guy:

What?! Nobody sits or stands like that! That's so silly! Hey, Our Good Friend Andy, what do you think of it?



The night is still young. Let's run amok!


"George Where were you?" "I've seen things no man should ever see."


There was a point where we all lost each other because the fog was so thick.

George tried to call me, but he realized payphones are obsolete and stopped trying.


While lost in the fog, I made some friends.

This guy,

this guy,

and this guy! They were all very nice. Following me around, dripping blood, threatening to kill me. True friend things.

Ptschh, unlike THESE guys.


It must be said that all this fog is a GOOD thing. A very, very good thing.

As long as it's not the fog that turns people inside out.


La Llorona was interesting.

I think I get most of the story just by walking through. And they lay the fog on thick, which is good.

What's really cool is watching the flames through the fog. Makes them a much darker orange. Sick.


Austin and George wanted this picture together because they both rode the short bus to school.

Step right up. Go on.


Try number three...

Sorry guys. I just don't think you could be as creepy or inappropriate as Spielberg and E.T.


After another walk around in the fog, it was finally time for

This show is great. I'm so glad they keep these characters alive year after year.

Be excellent. Party On.

Everyone clearly enjoyed the show.


I had to see it to believe it.

This is so awesome.

George bought us all a great big pink donut

And we ate it under this creepy light. Oh look! I'm in this Trip Report! Look at that!

Our delicious donut moment was over when everything around us exploded.

Things were getting nerve wracking. We would turn every corner anticipating someone to JUMP out at us. We were being stalked.

Austin knows he is a marked man.


Shh! What's that? Did you see that?

Weird... I thought I saw something moving... but I guess it's gone. What...

Austin, no!


Austin was then eaten.

"Good. Everything going according to plan." George? It was all your... oh my god look out!


George was then eaten. Again.


I understand what's going on here. They've disguised a horrible murder and mayhem freeforall as a harmless theme park event.


That's when Our Good Friend Andy and I high-tailed it out of there.

Next year, I will go back and avenge my lost friends. Next year. I will be ready.



There they are. Nevermind.



The End.

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