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Who was your hero growing up?


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I'm not talking great people who've cured diseases, battled persecution, etc etc, more like rock stars and sports stars who you just desperately wanted to be/be with...


Mine was Freddie Mercury. He died when I was five and I sat next to my crying mum and watched Queen videos all day and from that day on was OBSESSED!!

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My heroes growing up were:


Jack Lambert

Terry Bradshaw

Doug Harvey (Major League Umpire, not talk show), I did get to meet him, stay at his place, and play golf with him


Heroes getting older:


Ted Barrett (Major League Umpire)


Pat Tillman (I knew him from when he was 10. You couldn't grow up in our Valley and not know each other. He was a great young man and a true hero.)

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Ron Toomer. He was the only coasterdesigner I knew about, and Arrow Dynamics were building the biggest and best coasters back then. Things have changed *slightly* now.


Yngve "still hasnt ridden an Arrow coaster" Oestbye

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Well I grew up in the eighty's in the San Francisco area, so for me my Hero would be Joe Montana.


Sure he had a pair of chicken legs and not much upper body development, but man could be play a great game of Football!


To me he's the Greatest Quarterback of all time, ( From my perspective anyhow, being born in 1971 and watching football from 1980 on..)


He lead on the field and off the field. He's a clean cut dedicated family man, who has done a lot of good. It doesn't get much better!

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