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Lincoln Park (Comet) Discussion Thread

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So after getting lunch with a friend today, we decided that we should head over to Lincoln Park for a little bit and take some pictures. The Park closed in 1987 and has been rotting away ever since. Sorry in advance but i took the pictures with my phone so their not that great.



Walking into the parking lot you see the parks signature attraction. The Comet!







The Lift Hill and 2nd Drop have collapsed over the past few years. =[



What once was the 2nd hill.



The Station has also collapsed.





Even after 23 years, you can still see its colorful entryway!



The turn over the entrance.



Random trash can.



The Old Train Station.



Speedway Sign



The old Sound Wall.



The Pizza Stand.



Inside of the Pizza Stand.



Mini Golf Stand. Note: If you look threw the window, that red tables where they used to store the clubs! =]



The Dodgems building has also collapsed.





An old park bench.



And this mound of ash used to be the parks ballroom.


Its really a shame that this once beautiful park has been treated with such neglect. I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and if you want better angles on anything, ill try to head back to the park and get them for you.

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Thank You very much for the photo trip report - though depressing to see a once decent park reduced to rubble - it's cool to see reality and how it is today.


I went to Lincoln Park more than a few times as a kid and the Comet was a ride that totally terrified me - but I conquered it - and it's responsible along with the coaster at Paragon for my coaster enthusiasm.


Sad to see (no doubt) - and greatly appreciate the update.

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That's just crazy looking. I am not familiar with the park but those pictures look wild. Honestly I had no idea there was a park anywhere that was just left to rot.

There are actually quite a few of them still out there, many with woodies or other coasters still standing and rotting away.


This park, Williams Grove, Americana, Joyland, Nara Dreamland, and Chippewa Lake come to mind. There is also places like Six Flags New Orleans. I'm sure there are others as well.



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Fascinating, and slightly eerie. I had hoped to go on the Chippewa Lake Park tour before they demolished it after that horror B-movie was shot there, but alas, that never happened. These old parks are always cool to see, especially parks like this one that I have never heard about.

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That park has always intrigued me, I used to go by it on our way to Cape Cod as a little kid but my parents would never take me, could see the coaster from the main road. I have a cool black and white photo, kind of an art photo of that coaster in ruins, real creepy looking that way.

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