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Why Vekoma at Disney parks?

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Disney designs the rides they want to design. They just call up who they think is the best at doing their idea.

Vekoma probably has a tight relationship with Disney since Vekoma is a go-to source for upkeep on the Arrow coasters. I wouldn't be surprised if the old Matterhorn, BTMs, and WDW SM are all majority Vekoma track.

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In reply to a previous post-

Arrow Dynamics - Original Mad Hatter Tea Cups Ride

King Arthur Carrousel

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Snow White's Adventures


Alice in Wonderland



and vehicles for - Small World


Adventure Thru Inner Space



I got this information from some of my favourite disney sites e.g. Daveland, Yesterland, Happy Jappy and Netcot! Apparently though Arrow only manufactured parts of the above rides so call an expert to be sure , but i hope my stored information helps a bit! Thanks!

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yeah, I do realize alot of old attractions were designed by arrow, however all the Fantasyland dark rides, dumbo, and autopia have been completely redone and the original rides are virtually gone. Combined with the constant retracking of Matterhorn, I too would be surprised if there is any "True Arrow" left.

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I could believe it about Test Track and the Vekoma connection. there's a promotional video on YouTube that show an animated version of it, mind you, the coaster track in the animation can be seen, but you get the drift. Also, wasn't there a rumour going around that Intamin had helped Disney with ToT?


You may not know there are a lot more wheels on a Test Track vehicle than you the four you see above the track.


One of those "Imagineering the Parks" books has some concept imagery of ToT and it shows the basis of the ride being an Intamin 1st Generation freefall (only larger). I believe this was done only to explore the concept of an enclosed free fall attraction (at the time - late 90-91 - that's all there was). In the end, they reached out to Otis to assist them in creating the machinery for the attraction. Even though they may have reached out to them for assistance, Disney designed it.


The fact that Disney asserts so much control over its attractions and partners has long intrigued me. Disney is definately unique when it comes to putting together attractions. Unfortunately this sometimes gets Disney in trouble...IE the Mission Space technology patent lawsuit.


Even though this discussion may seem dorky, it is quite interesting to see who knows what.

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Now how does it come that Disney is so interested in changing a rollercoasters blocking system/software?


basic means for that is for a higher capacity for all the rides. Think about it: on an average day, at least 20-30 thousand guest enter the gates, so you have to find a to move all these guest in a sufficient way.

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