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Taurus - Intamin Blitz Coaster [NL]

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Some of you who have seen my work on Youtube may have seen Taurus before, so if it looks familiar that's because it is . Taurus was an old project that I started about 2 and a half years ago. At some point I lost the file due to a computer crash, a friend recovered an older version of the file and since then I have been toying around with the layout and had quite the revelation. The old design was a single circuit, two-stint dueling coaster reminiscent of Maverick and Fahrenheit. There were several sections that 'dueled' lightly, and I never really built upon the dueling concept.


Since I started playing around with the coaster I've added a couple thousand more feet of track and a third stint to the ride. I've taken some elements of other Intamin Blitz style rides (ie: iSpeed, Cheetah Hunt) and I sort of ran from there. I have to say this ride has some of the best dueling I've seen on a No Limits coaster, and I'm really proud of what I've finished so far. As of now I'm about 75% done with the ride, the only remaining part is the support work. With Taurus I'm almost going for an "art coaster" or concept type of feel; I'm still trying to keep it realistic, but I've definitely taken the track elements and support work to the limit.


Enough of me talking, here are some teaser screens. Expect an update on Taurus very soon:






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I've got a few more teasers for you before I release anything substantial. I'm about 50-60% complete with Taurus, but I want to get to at least 75% before I release anything revealing; I don't like showing off highly unfinished areas of rides.


Expect a large reveal very soon. This weekend I will release the last set of teasers and a teaser video all in preparation for the first reveal. For now, enjoy a couple screens:





If I have you scratching your head, my job is done!

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Very good work !! The supports are awesome! Hope we see a full layout birdview ?


As of now the track is completely done, but I've got a ways to go on the supports. Like I said I'm not a big fan of releasing anything unfinished, so it could be a week or so before a big reveal of the layout. I'm still working hard on the support work, and I work at a slow pace because I'm a bit of a perfectionist.


Thanks for all of the comments though! I really appreciate feedback like that, definitely keeps me motivated


Tonight I'm releasing another set of teasers, but until then I'll leave you guys with a few statistics and design elements in Taurus:

- Length: 5,400+ ft

- Max Height: 118 ft

- Inversions: 7

- Trains: 4 cars per train, 2 rows of 2 riders for a total of 16 passengers per train.

5 trains with a total of 80 passengers on the ride at once.

- A large variety of inversions and track elements, a few examples include a Horseshoe Roll, Norwegian Loop, Stengel Dives, Sea Serpent, over-banked turns, multiple LSM launches, and over a dozen dueling sections throughout the ride.

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