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^ Your cat lived to an awesome age! I just passed my first "stress test" with Stella, as being an "outdoor cat,"

the average life expectancy for such a cat is....6 years. Stella's now at 7 years as of June, and she knows

what raccoons are, and to only observe them from afar. Still, we have had coyotes in the area, and I just worry,

as any "parent" would.


I may have posted this earlier. But..... whatever. She doesn't care. Pose!

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We recently discovered, that Stella has a new "nest" outside,

where she enjoys curling up in it, and taking catnaps.


Looking over the west side of our front porch, you might catch a glimpse of her.


Much closer. And there she is, all curled up! Taken today, 5:30 pm-ish.

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^^ I loved that! And I remember them being sold at our PNE, years ago.

I wanted to get one, and then use it, as needed. But I missed the chance.


Recent pic of our Stella.

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Now that hardly anyone names their children names with normal sounding names anymore, might as well name our pets with them.


Humans rarely name their kids Herb, Randall, Jenny, Karen, Todd, Joan or Ernest anymore...all awesome pet names now. LOL

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I honestly think, that if my partner 'went' before myself, I would

probably switch to a small dog, for attention and love. We've both

been cat people for several decades now.


My current thought on the subject.

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^ I could see you with a small dog, Bill...Chihuahua's certainly have an interesting personality.


It's like one of those dogs that you have to own versus seeing someone else's. They are EXTREMELY loyal to their owners, so when you see someone else's Chihuahua and all they want to do is bark at you and try to bite you when you turn your back on them...they don't do that with their owners - unless you try to take away their food - but that's how most dogs roll.

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