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Pets: Post a picture

Erik Johnson

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This is Roxxi.


she's 100% blind, from Diabetes (she gets shots twice a day, as well as eyedrops to keep the Glaucoma under control).


the little stinker likes to lay and lick her back legs raw due to terrible allergies -- the only thing that ever worked was steroids, and we can no longer use those due to the Diabetes.


so here is my attempt last week to make her a "garter" to keep her from licking when we have to leave the house for work.


(yes, I totally posted these on my wall, and we've been giggling hysterically for a week. . she looks so "trashy").







and they only stayed on for about 10 minutes!

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^ Awwwwwwwww.


Bacchus would make a great play toy for our cat, Stella.


Believe it or not, our cat Alexis is scared of him...she has yet to hardly come out of the bedroom since we got him, except to eat and go to the litter box. She has always been scared of her own shadow, but I am hoping that someday she will get used to him. Although I don't think she has much choice at this point!

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Here are my 2 cats: Boston and Marbles. Boston is black with a little white, while Marbles is all black. Boston is an indoor cat, who always gets scared when outdoors, and loves to relax by the fireplace, while Marbles is the complete opposite: An outdoor cat who only comes in to eat and drink.


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My puggle, Bailarina (Rina for short): 1781931_744163985594498_308105862_n.jpg?oh=d418d1efbbb89127e349822aaab9358a&oe=559595F1&__gda__=1435334514_20c52e5e3ec359aa43ea00251840335d


Last year, I adopted a stray cat in my neighborhood and my mom named her Mishu, she's impossible to photograph: 1376357_691025814241649_713460881_n.jpg?oh=704c62fcc5d2e5281d440604980efa74&oe=558F2FC4&__gda__=1431979847_bc0a4b15af0c1e9545663732acb25320


They hate each other


Also here is one of my girlfriend's two dogs, Ellie, who is super adorable, she looks like a teddy bear ahh! : 10577084_836218846389011_7671384164716070867_n.jpg?oh=0f39b2dd729bc87a4e302b4f3da4be18&oe=55600252&__gda__=1432346602_03dc28e9ea2b0fde729d4aadcd3af8bd

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This is my family's dog, Dharma. She's a Jack Russell Terrier mix (we believe she may be part chihuahua or beagle) who's been with us for more than three years now. She is the first dog we ever got and we didn't even think that would happen had it not been for her intense cuteness at the animal shelter. She was a hassle to work with, but she's mellowed out over the months (with a lot of help and training), albeit for some constant barking and shadow chasing.

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Dear Neri

You were the most cute and lovely cat I've ever known, but now you're gone! After 7 unforgettable years with you, it could be double, but a car had to end these years.

You will be always in my Heart

Rest in peace






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I would post and picture of my pet... but the last phot of my pet I have was when I found her dead.


I found our family cat of 12 years dead today. She was such a perfect flawless kitty. She always made us laugh. Even when she didn't try .


She was the best kitty ever... but then she was murdered.

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^^ Angus looks as fluffy as ever, Chuck.


and ^ Awwwww, Roxxi looks so sweet, Bert.


thanky.. if she would just learn that the walls don't move, and stop bumping into them!


Stella is a cutie-pie too!

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