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Pets: Post a picture

Erik Johnson

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Here's our pride and joy - and generally non-flustered - Camille. Rescued from the SPCA, she literally vogued for us from her (then) cage. Now, after near two years, she's pretty much got our place (and us) in order, lol.


Typical relaxation styling. (o:

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My crew..


Cornelius. He looks like a pissed off old man all the time. I took this right after I got him, which is why he's in the tiny cup.


Playing with some mice and a squiggly thing.


Snowie, my little old lady.


Rory hanging out in their cage.


Lenore playing with a wooden ball thing.


My chinchillas, Lenore and Rory, taking a nap together.

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Here are two shots: the first is the late Joaquin, my 14-year-old, 20-pound tabby, who had to be put to sleep last December because of a heart ailment (I still miss the big guy). The second is my new cat, Angus McNasty. He entered my life from the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, when he wandered into a friend's house to escape the cold. He got fine with my friend's family, but not with their cats, whom he completely terrorized. So, the dubbed him "McNasty." I took him in, and liking the idea of a fighting Scottish tabby, named him "Angus." Usually, he's pretty sweet, but he can be as McNasty as he wants to be from time to time (especially to squirrels and birds).


Angus McNasty: "Ah, god love ye fer buildin' me this wee little condo, laddie. Now make with food lest I tear a hole in yer sporran!"


The late Joaquin: "These presents are all mine! Mine, I tell you!"

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Everyone seems to think Lenore [the white-ish] one is cuter, but she's the bad one! Causes so much trouble and always steals Rory's toys.


Sugar Gliders are awesome pets and their babies are way too cute, but apparently they can die of loneliness so if you only have one you have to keep it with you a lot. Too bad your partner doesn't like them.



^^ Lucy's so pretty. What kind of dog is she?

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