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^First the Bronies, and now rat shows, not that there is anything wrong with showing rats I just didn't realize that rat shows existed (and I'm from Kentucky where they show cows, pigs, goats, everything but no rats).

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This thread is filled with many cute pictures, sad stories, and good ones too! I guess it's my time to share. I have 3 cats, and I don't know the official name for 2 of them, but we do have a Siamese cat.


We have had Tequilla since 1996, (I was a year old) and my mom just randomly bought her from the pet store. She has had many nasty infections as we use to let our cats run free outside, but we stopped that and she's doing great. She loves to sleep and eat, and she's so sweet. Tequilla is so old, she outlived all of her 3 kittens.


We also had Roxy since 1996. One of my mom's old friends gave her to us, and little did we know, she was a wild cat. She doesn't eat cat food or drink water (only drinks milk) and she only eats meat. She would always bring back bunnies, mice, chipmunks, etc, but we would eventually stop her from going outside. She's not doing so well right now, and she isn't as pretty as she use to be, but she's still my baby! Roxy is so old as well, she outlived all her kittens, the last one passed away last February.


I wanna say we got Forest in 2007. My sister wasn't able to keep her cat in her new apartment anymore so we've had him ever since. He's a big cat, not because he's fat, but he's just tall. He likes to climb on things and yeah, typical cat stuff.




Roxy. I don't really like this photo, but I she's not the most photogenic cat.


And here's Forest doing his thing.

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This is Roxxi (named after our favorite live music club in Houston when we were growing up).


She's a Doberman & German Shepard mix. . and she LOVES to get dressed up for Halloween (seriously, she likes how headgear feels on her ears ):




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My 6 babies:



Tigger - 15.5 years



Peggy - Pegasus - 4 years



Smokie - 4 years



Blanco - 3 years



Roger - 3 months



Tony - 3 months



The view of Blanco I had last night while reading.

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Latest photo of Her Who Is Named Stella!


In a tree of all things! Just sittin' there.

No big deal.


There she is! Not exactly a "Where's Waldo?" kind of gal.

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In keeping with her determination to blend in with her surroundings,

today Stella tried to hide in the front yard, again. But I found her, lol


Found her! And she isn't too impressed with my discovery of her.


Quick cat nap, nestled in the leaves... and dirt.


General view, at the side of our house.

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This is Bella. She's had this bed since she was a baby and refuses not to sit in it even though she doesn't fit anymore.



And this is Willow. Pissed off cause I put her in an Ultimate Warrior headlock.

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We got a couple of kittens in April of 2012, so they were quite a bit smaller than what you'll see here. The orange one is Weasley, the short hair is Hermione.


Hermione hanging under the covers.


Yes, that is an exploding Death Star on the TV. She was taking care of me when I was sick.


Hanging out under the Christmas Tree


Being a lazy cat.

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These are my two babies.


The one on the left, Charlie, is a 1.5 years old pure-bred golden Dachshund. Abby is on the right, and she is a (possibly) 3 year old dachshund/beagle mix. Both are rescues from my fiancee's grandmother's rescue.


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