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sfgamguy's projects [RCT2]

Would you like to see my Six Flags Great America recreation?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see my Six Flags Great America recreation?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Why would we it'd be terrible
    • Ehh... how about some teasers
    • Wisconsin?

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This is my first thread and I'm brand new to TPR. Firstly I'd like to say that I don't use any custom scenery so I'm sorry for terrible building and stations. Onto the pictures. Let's start with a classic park Six Flags Magic Mountain.SCR26.BMP

Ooo a new CGI


Oh Wow! Two new CGIs


Viper looks a little diffrent


....Or really diffrent


X2 has changed two whats going on?


Why is Tatsu a giga?


At least Batmans normal.. but where Riddler?


Oh theres the Rid...Wait Green Medusa


..and some kind of mine ride?


Plus flashback gone Bizzaro

Thats all for this time

Please leave all the feedback you can i want to know everyone's opnion.

Well thats all.

Thank you.


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I voted for Wisconsin. Why? I really don't know. It just seemed like the right thing to do.


Your version of SFMM is quite nice, so yes despite the vote for Wisconsin I would really like to see more of this park and then a download.


Sorry for the late post in the RCT2 Help Thread. I was not aware you already had a topic going. For your first one you did it very well. So anyway, as others have already said... Welcome to TPR!

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Thank you both for the feed back. I'm planning on continuing this park. I also have two other ones i plan to put up soon.


dmaxsba2408- I figured someone would. Thank you for the feedback. I would love to put this up for download but im not sure how. (also its not finished )


Anyway thank you both again!

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^ To post a park all you need to do is attach it at the bottom your post just like you would do with pictures. You can leave it as a RCT2 saved game file (SV6) or use a Zip program. Robb has this set up to allow for both. Keep in mind the max size for a download is 5MB so if it is a big park you will probably have to Zip it. Since this park has no custom content you are good to go but remember if you use any custom content in future parks you also need to put a check mark in the "Export Plug-ins" box. It is located at the bottom of the options tab in the game (the tab that looks like a disk dive).


On a side note, when you do post the park for download don't get discouraged by it always saying "Not Downloaded Yet". There has been a glitch in the forums since this new version came out many months ago. The counters no longer work. I know I will download it and so will many others. You just won't be able to see how many actually did.

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Thank you I wiil definently do that when it's done. Also thanks for the encourgement.




Its here Superman: Ride of Steel

This new coaster packs alot of thills.


Riders climb the long agonizing chain lift


Riders reach the top of this 200ft. giant


Riders fly down the hill at 70mph


Riders soar over the second hill full of airtime.


Final picture of this update is the final helixes of the ride.


Hope you liked it.

More coming soon.


I have a questiong would you like to see all the rollercoasters in the park? Or would you like me to just keep focusing on one at a time.


Once again leave feedback.

Thank you


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Holy hell that's a lot of helix's!


Anyway, pretty neat ride, although I'd move Tidal Wave out from under it.

Haha I know but I like it. I thought about that actually, I probably will remove it.
Holy hell that's a lot of helix's!



My thoughts exactly! I love your creativity and in the end, it's what's most important in RCT2!


Thank you for the comment

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PSiRockin' - Thank you. Yes I know this park lacks those. To be honest this is mostly a park of rollercoaster. Usually I put more effort into flats and buildings. In fact I have a park I'm going to share soon with much, much more building and flats don't worry. Its just with this park and the money restriction that I have been laying off on the scenery. Thank you again.

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Two new parks coming soon!!!!


Six Flags Great America






Hometown Square: 40%

New Orleans: 99%

Mardi Gras: 70%

County Fair: 5%

Southwest Territory: 5%

Yankee Harbor 10%


New Orleans just needs some finishing touches heres a picture.



Superman Station and Ride.


Does it look okay for not having custom scenery?


Also a sneak peek at my other park.....



Classic Corkscrew


How does it look more coming soon.

Feedback please!

Thank you


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Update Time


Still working on Sfgam almost half way done with Yankee Harbor and starting on County Fair.


Mystery Park Teaser Time!



Is that a Jurrasic Park Rip-off?


That's all.


I know I'm not posting much but once these parks are finished there will be lots of pictures.


Thank you


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Huge Update!


New Park!!!


Grand Grove

(Yes I relize there is already a park with this name on the froums. I'm sorry I started a while ago and I didn't know what to change it too.)


Onto the park


A little about the Park:


The park currently has Three areas,

none to crazy yet........


First up is the Grand Plaza

In the Grand Plaza you'll find...


Skyway: A ride with a beautiful view over the Grand Plaza

Grand Carosel: Obvisouly a main carosel

Grand Grove Monorail: Short monorail around the front half of the park.


(Everything in Grand Grove is very Grand isn't it. )



Entance of the park. You can see Skyway and Grand Grove Monorail



Skyway again.



Back of Skyway with some stores.



Grand Carosel



Finaly end of Grand Plaza with Grand Grove monorail in the background.


Next is Hometown Square:

In Hometown Square you'll find...


Double Loop: The park first coaster.

Pictorium: 3,000 capacity thearter.

Scrambler: Classic Twist

Plus many food places including Panda Express and McDonalds



Double Loop



Double Loop again...



Panda Express :)


Finally Grove Backlot

In Grove Backlot you'll find...


Monster: A Giant Wooden Beast

Underworld: A dark ride where you will be brought to the Underworld.

Blitz: A fast paced B&M sitdown with a launched lift.

Magic Carpet: A magic carpet ride



The Monster...



is a huge...



...beast of a ride



Monster Overview



lastly Blitz


This is Just half the park though....

the park is add a huge expansion that is all ready in progress....

it will feature things like a close encounter with dinosaur, and hispanic celebration plus more...


Thats all for now...


(Other parks)


Sfgam is still in progress a lot of work is being done...

SFMM is sorta put on hold for now...


Please leave feedback!

Thank you


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