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The "Awesome Coasters" Contest [RCT2]

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Slow down, you have almost an entire month to get this in, don't be in a hurry. Take your time and really try to nail the theme your going for. After you send it in there will be nothing you can change so really step back and slowly pick it apart and find those little things that need fixed or just installed to make a good entry a great one.

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I just wanted to say that everyones stuff is looking really great so far! But yes, listen to dmax!! haha. We have almost a month to work on this thing so take your time, and make it the best coaster/park to your ability and I'm sure everyones will look great!


Personally, I have like 3 different saved games with different coaster designs saved because I'm unsure which one to use. haha I feel like being in contests is stressful because I always feel like i can do better. But hey, at least we're all having fun with it, right?

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Imawesome... one more recommendation. On the rapids move the turn farther from the waterfall. Realistically there wont be a turn like that at a fast part of the ride, because it would be painful for the average guest. Just some advice... it looks pretty nice though.

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