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TPR's Wisconsin Trip 2010!


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Kind of an odd story.. I quickly checked emails last night, but didn't actually open any. Just saw that TPR was in Wisconsin.. So I went to bed and actually had a dream about why you were in Wisconsin. You two were there for a week (at some sort of small carny type amusement place) to learn how to operate all the rides. I think it was one of those things where you had basically ridden them all, so the only thing to do now was to operate them all. And my memory is a bit fuzzy about the whole thing after that, but I think next year you had planned to operate all the rides for everyone on one of the TRP trips.


Good plan!

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"Jon, it's cold here in Wisconsin, of course I'm wearing sleeves."


As Tom Selleck as my witness, I still know that that is not Larry there in Wisconsin.



Ever since Piers told me about this trip to Wisconsin, I wish I could head to the cheese state with you guys again, the MidAmerica trip there certainly wet my appetite for cheese-heads.

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Here is Robb's latest update from the TPR Wisconsin Trip.


Now it's time for the Wisconsining World of Vince Lombardi! We have heard so much about this place as it is based in a series of books showcasing the life of the Green Bay Packers ex-coach. Be sure to follow our updates live on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/robbalvey


Remember to POST YOUR COMMENTS about the update!!!


We are on our way to the Wisconsining World of Vince Lombardi.


They are going to turn off all the lights in Wisconsin tonight.


Piers cannot be bought.


At the Wisconsining World of Vince Lombardi they have the "Cheese Grater Experience."


It's the Aaron Rogers Coaster!!!


The Vince Lombardi attraction is housed within this large building




Most of the queue for the Vince Lombardi ride is outside in the heat.


Vince Lombardi has a very expensive and old house. You enter here.


This is a statue of Vince Lombardi's grandfather who he respected very much.


Before each Packers game, Vince required each member if the team to consume one of these "Magical Substances."


Vince Lombardi was also a member of the Nazi Party.


Translation: This ride simulates a Green Bay Packers game. Cheeseheads rejoice!


This magical poo predicts the outcome of each Packers game. We don't get it either, but we respect it.


You ride in this thing. The ride system is amazing, but Vince Lombardi's ride was just "ok." If you don't know the history of the Green Bay Packers it sort of just feels like watching a movie in a really shakey chair. Packers fans will love it, otherwise I prefer the Montana Smith and the Temple of the Forbidden Cheese ride.


This stuff is a Green Bay tradition.


In Wisconsin, the butter beer drinking age is EVERYONE!


It's a tailgating party!!!


"Let's be honest here. I know it's a Wisconsin tradition...it's just creme soda."


Of course they do have REAL QUALITY beer in the Wisconsining World of Vince Lombardi for the adults.


"Butter Beer is for children. Give me a Bud Light any day...I'm a man!"


Vince Lombardi was such a strong warrior and leader that Wisconsinites would "He could even fight a dragon!" So they built this attraction in his honor.


It's like an NFL training camp for dragons!


Vince Lombardi got drunk one night and ran his car into a tree.


Yes!!! It's the Lombardi Trophy!!!


You get to choose your silly made up fictional NFL "dragon" team...


You can be the Belgian Waffles...


...or the Chinese Fire Drill. Yes, Wisconsinites are a bit silly


As far as roller coasters go, Lombardi's trains are impressive!


These people are all waiting in line to buy a special pen that Vince Lombardi wrote his playbooks with. Some people are dumb!


Packers fans LOVE the Wisconsining World of Vince Lombardi!


Next up was Camp Jurass. "Jurass" is Wisconsonian for "Your A$$."


KidTums rides the Jurass coaster!


Have fun guys!


KidTums loved the Wisconsin Jurass coaster so much she rode it again!


...and again!


The official Wisconsin game show - You Bet Jurass!


Scorpion pops are a Wisconsin delicacy! Madison County Spook Zone is next!


CLICK HEREfor PART THREE of TPR's Wisconsin Update including the Madison County Spook Zone!

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Are you all going to hit Uni. Studios Wisconsin's "Chip, Chide, Cheezit?" coaster?


(Kidding aside, I'm curious to hear what the group thinks; apparently, it had become a total pain machine; hope that's not the case.)


Edit: Also, Devo FTW!

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the Packers dont seem as popular as they used to be - looks like folk were walking straight through the outside q to get into Vince's house to see his tribute. Just seemed like a couple of seasons ago they were packing them in for hours to reach the door.

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F the Wisconsin stuff (since I don't know much about Wisconsin), you guys were lucky with the re-opening of Rip Rocket, even though it doesn't look that great. Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun!!!

Well we rode Rip Rocket last year and we'll probably ride it again next month when we're in Orlando for IAAPA. I actually though it was pretty great, but I think the Milwaukee Cannon coaster was even better. Cool to hear it's re-opened, though.

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