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PTR: Matt Gets A Bonus Credit (I think lol)

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Photo TR: A Mountain Adventure October 23, 2010


This past weekend some friends & I headed up to Bearsville, NY to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend up in the mountains where my family lives. I live near Philly so it was about a 4 hour drive. We left Friday night the 22nd & got there around 11:30 pm & started up a campfire. On Saturday we hung out around my grandparent's farm & hiked up to a log cabin I own & shot some guns. We shot a 21 gauge shotgun & a 22"rifle. We did that for about an hour then hit the road to try & find something fun to do. This is where the roller coaster comes in. We drove about an hour & a half to Jiminy Peaks Mountain Adventure Park to ride an Alpine Slide (but the Alpine Slide was closed ) & an Alpine Mountain coaster. The coaster was listed on coaster counter http://www.coastercounter.com/#Massachusetts_USA so I counted it as my 304th credit, yay It was a pretty unique coaster. It was a one person car, but you can fit a small child in your lap. There were two handles on the car, one on each side. You would push them forward to go fast & pull them back to slow down. A cable pulled you up the mountain & then you enjoy a nice relaxing, & in my case speedy, ride down the mountain & threw the woods. I wanted to film on it but you weren't able to so I only was able to snap a few pics. I'm not so sure if I should count this as a credit but check out the pics & I would be interested in your opinion on this. After the mountain coaster we hit the road again & headed back to my grandparent's farm. On the way there we stopped off at a Halloween attraction called Massacre Mansion. It was well decorated & cheap to visit but the actors were pretty much local teens with no experience. It was only $15 so I'm not complaining. Here is a link to the site: http://www.massacremansion.com/gallery.htm

The rest of the night we just chilled around the campfire & headed home Sunday afternoon. Thanks for reading & enjoy the pics! This is probably my last TR of the year. I had a great season & I hope you did as well. I already can't wait for next year!




Campfire awesomeness!


My log cabin.


Yay we got to play with guns lol! Watch out b!t*h@s I got a shot gun!


Me chilling in my cabin.


Ok off to Jiminy Peaks Mountain Adventure Park in Hancock, MA! A pic of the map.


Bonus credit!


Park index love!


Here is a pic of the car.


Another pic of the car.


One more coaster pic.


A pic of the area. Thanks for reading!

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