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Photo TR: The Ray's do the TPR Europe 2010 trip!


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It was such a massive park that even with almost 2 days at the park, I think we may have hit just a little over 1/2 of it!


Yeah, I really think Europa deserves 2 open-to-close days. That would be a selling point for a future European TPR trip for me.

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Europa is the best theme park in Europe--better than Paris Disney (which is pretty damn good). The theming is excellent, the hotels and food are great, and there's a great variety of attractions for all ages. I was particularly impressed with the walkthrough "gem mine" that interacted with both the powered coaster and the log flume.


Thanks for the TR, Joey--I have to get back to this park someday.

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This park was my favorite park of the trip...and I would want to go on a Europe trip again just for this park. And they had Mezzo Mix, the best drink, I got it any time it was available...And how can anyone resist dancing going up the rave party lift hill on Euromir, it's great!

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Eric, Drew, and Fernando enjoying Poseidon.


Funny, I don't remember changing my name to Fernando.


Absolutely amazing park! Far superior to Disneyland Paris in every way imaginable!!! It's definitely a toss-up between this one and Phantasialand as my two favorite European parks. If either one is ever in a future itinerary, I'm there. Can't wait to see more of your report!

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Euro Mir Video Below!!!


^ Sorry about that. Like us Asians, all you Mexicans look the same


Europa is the best theme park in Europe--better than Paris Disney (which is pretty damn good). The theming is excellent, the hotels and food are great, and there's a great variety of attractions for all ages. I was particularly impressed with the walkthrough "gem mine" that interacted with both the powered coaster and the log flume.


The Gem Mine was really cool. They had a ton of things to see, and it was really neat that they had all those rides in there as well.


little details inside the park to the hotel rooms and bar area (complete with secret room!).


That secret room was really cool. I took video in there, but it was way to dark


Since I couldn't do the coasters Christine and I split from you guys and just spent the day meandering around and relaxing. We did all the little kiddie rides and went in every store. The 3 things that really standout in my brain are the awesome log flume part where it went through that mountain, the very scary Haunted Mansion-ripoff and the great 4D show. We had no idea what they were saying but that 4D show was adorable and so well done! I was totally crying by the end!


I would have loved to have gone through all that stuff as well. That's what was really cool about that park. Even though you couldn't go on the big rides, there was still and enormous amount of cool stuff to do.


Here is the Europa Video! Ok, so it's not good enough to deserve an exclamation point, but it does have the Euro Mir soundtrack! And yes, I do realize that the video has too many dark parts, and gets pretty shakey, but it was taken by a non-professional with a compact camera, and no Duct Tape. The first part is the entire Euro Mir experience, with the awesome music dubbed in. The second part is Euros Sat, with it's music as well. Euro Sat was extremely rough, and I don't think the shaking in the video is really that far off of what we experienced. The third part is dedicated to Alfredo (not Fernando the El Salvadorian) and Christine. The final clip is a useless short clip of the Ciao Bambino ride! The part 2 pictures will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy! Thanks for following along and thanks especially for all of the comments!



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I'm back! Sorry about the delay, I've had a really tough few days. This is part two of the Europa Park update. Part One can be found HERE, and the Euro Mir/Europa video is above!


This update contains some of the best parts of the park! The warped Pirates ride, messed up Haunted house, the christmas from hell ride, the Murder Clown ride, the best bumper car foosball ride, a not wisconsin clean pool party, and a lot of Derek!!!!!


I have to take a few minutes here to thank our personal tour guide for most of the trip, DEREK!!!!! We had never been to these parks, so Derek put up with us and baby sat us the whole trip. He was an awesome guide, and I owe him a ton of beer!!! Thanks a ton Derek!


Anyway, enough rambling and on to the photos!


Hello and welcome to part 2!


This slide looks so cool! Like a baby City Museum slide.


But it was sooooo hot that it was a burn danger.


Derek is going to get him some Italian girls!


This was their 'Autopia.' It was much better themed, but had no line! At Disneyland this always has a massive line, and I have no idea why.


For the first time ever being out of house, Drew was amazed by all the sights!


This was one the best Disney Pirates copies of the trip!


Anatomically correct Batavian!


Oh no, ginger pirates!


Olivia Munn had a cameo in the ride.


I have no clue what he was doing to that rope.


Abu Ghraib scene.


Much more elaborate than Disney's, but still a lot of similarities.


Both versions have a man 'sleeping' with pigs ;)


But in Europe it's ok to buy a child instead of the red head!


Drunk guy on the bridge, check.


They still have the men chasing the women, unlike the 'changed for the wusses' American versions.


A TPR after-party.


It's another monkey with a key, not a dog!


They even had the Blue Tiki ElecTRONica Bayou restaurant!


The Christmas from hell ride starts off with a rapping bear.


Then the villagers grab sticks and beat Little Red Riding Hood.


Then you are greeted by the scariest, most evil looking Papa Noel that ever existed. I would have been freaked out as a kid thinking about that monster coming into our house at night!


No wonder Rudolph covered his nose and hid. Who would want to be around Satan Claus!


Andrew wants to go back to his special room.


I can't understand why this bench is empty. It looks so inviting!


Matterhorn Blitz had another cool lift hill ride, but it was too dark for any inside pictures. Still a unique and fun ride.


Why just put your feet in the water when you can swim in it!


Next up was Epcot's Italy.


Now it's time for the warped Haunted Mansion, GeisterSchlossenhefferpheifervolkswagon....


Definitely a lot more scarier than Haunted Mansion. (There is a ton of blood splatters on the floor in this picture)


This guy should give you a warning.


Much better hallway pictures!


Mmmm, chewy.


This was a really creepy hologram that no one would get near.


This was by far the best stretching room hanging of the trip! He fell soooo close that people ducked, and then he would twitch at the end of the rope. Awesome!


The old man and the possessed dog.


The 'ballroom' scene.


Here they have an awesome electrocution!


A warped and creepy Dr. Frankenstein.


Their skeleton drinks a radioactive bottle.


Looks like Guy Fawkes lost his head.


These singing busts don't look familiar at all.


Next up is Ciao Bambino. Small World, but with a less annoying song.


This ride is also known as the pedophiles dream. It takes you to the heart of a little girls room. The rest of the ride was too illegal to post.


This was the Doll ride of hell.


It was supposed to be cute, but comes off really creepy.


These possessed dolls looked like something from a nightmare.


Amy and Derek are about to enjoy the Clown Murder train ride!


Erik is unsure about this ride, but Fredo was warped enough to enjoy it.


We're up next!


They may look harmless, but all clowns are evil murderers.


The way this frog moved looked like he was flipping you off.


Come join us little kids. We promise we won't hurt you.


Yay, they survived!


The racist band played some tunes for us.


Once again they seem to be yelling at us with their signs to get out.


Boots Fart? This has got to be a good ride.


It was a boat ride past some more murdering Clowns!


That is not cute, it's just pure evil.


Disney lied. He is not a real boy.


Kids ride my butt! I've never heard of a kids book about "Fuchs and Rape!"


Next up was the really cool Fussball Soccer Bumper Cars. All the cars were shoes.....


...and they had a ball to kick around!


Derek goes in for the score.


No need for attendants, ropes, gates, or crossing guards. Unlike Americans, Europeans have learned that if you get in the way, you will be run over and it's your own fault.


Derek was also the model for these Mannequins. (This is by far my favorite picture of the trip!)


Yay for Blue Fire!


Could be faster, but still a really fun ride.


Epcot's Norway?


They don't even have restraints on the raft rides! That way, when they flip over you can get right out without drowning!


Just taking the shortcut that everyone else used.


This is where all the TPR update magic happened for the day. They were not happy I took this picture and I was beaten for ten minutes.


After a very long and hot day, it's back to the hotel for some more TPR fun!


This was our incredibly-awesome-I-don't-know-how-Elissa-does-it hotel!


This was the kiddie pool area with some white dolphins, and a super white grandma.


A nice pretty picture of Renee.....


...but Derek's is much much better!


An awesome view of the Coliseum.




The humble little hotel pool ;)


You could swim right through here into the Coliseum.


It's the Harem chamber!


No naked butts here. Only stupid faces with the underwater camera!


Kid Tums will probably beat Amy in learning how to hold your breath underwater.


She looks like she's going to die.


The chlorine got to Derek just a bit.


No inappropriate jokes here, it's my wife! ;)


My clown murder victim pose.


Derek looking very fancy.


We ended the day in the secret cave bar with Piers!


These are professionals.


Drew was getting a bit tipsy after a few sips, and Alfredo was standing by to take advantage ;)


Yes, very nice. You may enter.

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The Haunted House at Europa was so scary. We were like the only people on there and it completely freaked me out!


I loved this entire resort and I sound like a broken record, but I can't wait to go back.


PS - The "secret" cave you guys were in on night 2 was where we spent most of night 1. So fun!

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^^ The pool was behind the Coloseum. 99% of TPR didn't see it because they would have had to pass the bars to see it .


^ That is very good to hear! Now if I could only find a job that gives me at least a month of vacation per year...

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Today we started at Europa Park for the morning, and then it was off the the highlight of the trip the WURZBURG-Octoberfest-style-FAIR! We started off doing a behind the scenes tour of Silver Star, a great coaster, but with way too much braking We also did a couple of farewell laps on Euro Mir and Euro Sat, and then it was off to the fair! The fair was 1000 times better than any carnivals we have in the states. Olympia Looping was awesome, and we had a ton of free rides on it. The food was absolutely incredible, except for the 'sausage' (see the pictures below), and the fair was absolutely the best part of the trip. They even had non-alcoholic beer for us non-drinkers! They had this half non-alcoholic beer, half sprite that was pretty good stuff. The fair had a ton of warped rides, and drunk Piers was awesome! After an extremely tiring, and for many, drunk time, it was off to Phantasialand!


Back to Europa Park on the Disneyland Monorail, but these ones have air conditioning.


Yet another vehicle trying to run us over! I wan't kidding when I said there were a ton of vehicles in all of the parks.


The first and last Farts of the day are posted for your convenience.


Inside the Golf Ball called Euro Sat.


It looks nice and smooth, but looks can be very deceiving.


The standard TPR lift hill resting position.


Amy approves of Euro Sat!


The Back Door entrance is very familiar to many TPR trips......and members ;)


Behind the scenes of a TPR video!


Dancing up the hill on our farewell ride on Euro Mir!


One final look up the best lift hill in the world.


Erik is trying to keep his composure and not cry on his Euro Mir farewell ride.


Till next time Euro Mir!!


We have conquered Europa Park! Thanks for an incredible time!


Picture time on the bus with Kid Tums!


Piers posed for many Kid Tums pictures.


Next up is Wurzburg. The massacres of Jews took place in 1147, 1298, and early WWII, but payback was accomplished by the British, who destroyed 90% of the city in only 17 minutes!


Morgan gave us a TPR Trip Rap! Video to follow!


I see it!


Absolutely beautiful!


Nice helix.




All nice and shiny for TPR ERT!


Another nice picture of the glorious Olympia Looping


But remember, not boxing on the ride.


I do not want to know where the meat comes from for the Hitler sausage, but I have an idea ;|


First train of the day! We couldn't keep our eyes off of the pretty colors.


Stand back. Professionals at work.


Are you ready for Olympia Looping?!?!


Must. Not. Move. The. Camera.


This guy was walking around greasing the track as the ride was running!!


Ready for our ride, but the sun was really bright!


The shoulder restraints were more like 'guidelines' than actual restraints.


From the top looking down.


I sure hope those are strong enough and not rusted too much!


Another nice shot.


After a few rides some people gave up on the awesomeness that is Olympia Looping.


Through the loop!


Yes. Olympia Looping is that awesome.


Rob(b) and Derek get exclusive access for some incredible shots!


Heading for the loop.


First drop fun times.


Nice loop shot.


Amy is giving us a unique view of Olympia Looping.


I never did figure out what these items were other than some sort of fish. There was sooooo much food I was never able to try them all, but I sure did try!


I'm sure they paid Disney to be able to use Snow White.


Time for the Beer Tent!


What really happened to Wilbur after the fair.


The world famous Robb Alvey is interviewed for German radio. Morgan was the guest interpreter.


Raise your hand if you would like some beer!


I couldn't believe how strong the Juggy Waitress was. *Tom, you need to post your picture! ;)


Just a little glass please.


Piers only opens his mouth for two things. One of which is alcohol.


Derek is a very, very, happy man!


Yay for having non-alcoholic beer!


These massive pretzels looked overcooked and hard, but they were so soft and perfect! And the hot girl delivering them was a nice bonus!


We'll just assume it's non-alcoholic ;)


Uh Oh, empty glasses! Quick, refills!


Time for some food!!!! One of the many terribly small sample platters.


Spaetzle, chicken, and balls!


This was not what I was expecting when I ordered the sausage sampler. Clear Jello with meat chunks was not appetizing. At least there could have been some cool whip with the jello!


The Schnitzel was the best i've ever had!




This was the 'looks can be deceiving' desert. Looks good, but nothing special, but it was the most amazing, to die for, apple strudel!!!!


Yay for the German Polka music band!


The local mayor is on hand to do the tapping of the festival beer!


How fancy!


Derek enjoys the special mayor tapped and man handled festival beer!


Speaking of man handling, these two couldn't believe the quality of the 'meat' in the area ;)


Oh you were so wonderful to us. We miss you.


I think someone has reached their limit!


Hmm, I wonder whose plate this is?


They had a wooden pole that you could try and climb to ring the bell. The drunkeness of everywhere sure helped the entertainment of it! Doug did good, but didn't make it :(


Nope, didn't make it either.


Elissa gets a TSA pat down before being harnessed.


Elissa did an awesome job and was so incredibly close to making it! What, you didn't notice her in the back? I can't understand why.


This drunk guy was having fun walking on the tables entertaining everyone.


More drunk fun.


New delicious soda credit!


Another soda credit, and a delicious donut-like desert!


Unappetizing fish anyone?


Absolutely no safety gates/restraints. The cars would bump right where they are standing.


Kids were running all around here, but unlike the US, they are taught not to run into a ride.


Another Disney 'borrowed' theming ride. Notice the responsible mother holding her child's hand instead of being stuck in a ECV with a churro in one hand and popcorn in the other as her kid runs around annoying the crap out of everyone, getting killed by running into the ride, and making the entire park close down.


These were the tickets for the dark rides. They were made out of plastic and were really cool. (Yes, we are easily amused.)


They have a waterfall at the very end of the ride.....


...but it shuts off at the last second and it was fun to just watch people's reactions.


You know those glazed almonds and pecans that some parks have? Yeah, it's that, but with about 15 different kinds and flavors!!!!!


Piers showed us his incredible dart game skills by popping 5 out of 5! He also let us hear his very deep man voice/growl as he shouted out each pop!


Yay, I won a f@*&ing prize!


Yay, I'm so proud of my shooting skills.


The Flip Fly was an incredible triple spinning death machine that lasted forever! This was the absolute biggest test for my motion sickness patch, and it completely passed! I didn't get sick at all!


Yay TPR members!


Only a seasoned TPR member could pull off a video on this crazy of a ride. Can't wait to see the video, hint, hint. The fair was the absolute highlight of the trip, and we had the most incredible time!


Piers, wake up! We've arrived at Phantasialand!


This was the hidden extra bed that some people missed because it was soooo late when we arrived. This was a very nice hotel!


The nicest bathroom of the trip! The hotel was incredible, thanks Elissa!!!!!!!!!

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So many things I kinda forgot about till I see the pictures again. This day was so fun even though leaving Europa Park was sad but there was more good things to come. The German fair was great with Olympia Looping, I don't know how they can take it apart and put together, pretty amazing. And the non-alcoholic beer was pretty good, had to try it since we were in Germany at a beer festival. The sausages were a little scary, I couldn't eat more than a bite of each. The crazy spinning ride before we left was my first time riding something like that, and it was great. And of course watching Piers win prizes was great.

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The spaetzle at Wurzburg Fair was incredible. It will be hard for any future Macaroni and Cheese to match up.


I never did see that second "cave" bedroom at Matamba, I just walked right past it. My roommate Cameron said I could have the main bed and then he disappeared and I never saw or heard from him again until breakfast. When reviewing my pictures after the trip and seeing pictures of the hotel room, I was confused and seriously could not remember where the second bed was located.

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The spaetzle at Wurzburg Fair was incredible. It will be hard for any future Macaroni and Cheese to match up.


I never did see that second "cave" bedroom at Matamba, I just walked right past it. My roommate Cameron said I could have the main bed and then he disappeared and I never saw or heard from him again until breakfast. When reviewing my pictures after the trip and seeing pictures of the hotel room, I was confused and seriously could not remember where the second bed was located.



We didn't even notice it until the next morning. When the front door opened up it completely covered the entrance to the spare room. In the morning I saw it and thought it was a closet until I went in. Would have been the couch for me if I wasn't with my wife and only saw the one bed

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I'm Back! After finals, graduation, and the holidays, I am finally back to finishing my europe trip report! Sorry it took so long to continue the trip.


The photos will be coming really soon, but here are some videos to hold you over until then. The first video (the one contained in this post) is as pointless as the others, but has some fun parts from the Wurzburg Oktoberfest style fair! There is a polka band, tapping of the keg, men straddling and rubbing up against poles, and an incredible double angle shot of Elissa manhandling the massive pole as well!!


The second video is of MC Morgan spitting out his TPR rap!

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