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Hi, i am a huge fan of the Netcot Podcast by Kevin Hansen (Van Netcot)


I was wondering iff anyone else listened to it or other Disney Podcasts and had and recommendations or opinions on them. What is your favourite Netcot episode? Favourite Song? Quote? and so on......


Go Ahead.... Post!




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Top Posters In This Topic

I love the Netcot podcast...I'm bummed there hasn't been a new one in ages!


As to other Disney related podcasts I'd reccomend:


The DisUnplugged


The Be Our Guest Podcast


Inside the Magic


WDW Radio


WDW Today


Those are the ones I listen to consistantly.

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I listen to WDWRadio, started to listen to WDWToday again, since I'm going to Orlando in December, and I've been working with Len on UK stuff. Also listen to the MuppetCast (not so Disney-related, but it's tied in with the Disney 'casts I listen to), and I'm a fan (and an AllAbouttheMouseketeer) of the All About the Mouse 'cast, even though it's been defunct for a few months.


I have also been known to listen to A Window to the Magic, Mouse Guest Weekly, the Laughing Place podcast, and MusicalTalk - just getting into the Season Pass, and considering the IndyCast.


Mike 'podcast nerd' Moody

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