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Post What Halloween Event You've Been To!

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I attended Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong halloween events. Ocean Park Halloween Bash was the best halloween event I ever attended! 8 amazing and unique houses, 3 scarezones and some very good and funny shows. One house was basically a maze where you did laser tag with zombies! Another, you have to lie down in a casket, they put a black drape over you, leaving your face and feet exposed... and you're on a conveyor belt to be cremated! Here is a youtube link of the park, showing the full length TV commercial for the event.


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Another, you have to lie down in a casket, they put a black drape over you, leaving your face and feet exposed... and you're on a conveyor belt to be cremated!



There is another example of something that would never be allowed to happen in the United States.

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Went to Hong Kong Disneyland...the park was SO lame, but the two haunted houses were really good, esecially the Main Street Haunted Hotel.


Rides closed due to cloudy weather:

- Dumbo

- Autopia

- Tea Cups

- Train

- Orbitron

- Jungle Cruise

- Carousel

- Main Street Transportation

- Tarzan Tree House


castle shown actual size


the best attraction at the park!

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^I'd really like to check out HKDL for Halloween. They were the first ones to do Ghost Galaxy, AND they have those houses! Sounds awesome!


As for what halloween events I hit this year..


-Knott's Halloween Haunt x2

-USH Halloween Horror Nights

-Queen Mary Dark Harbor

-LA Haunted Hayride

-Forbidden Haunt (independent haunt in Sherman Oaks)

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Went to Seaworld San Antonio Howl-o-Scream. I almost died. My friend cried, and them shovel dudes were really scary. But, I'm glad I did it. Oh yeah. We got chased by chain saws, guns with blanks, and explosions of fog EVERYWHERE!

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Spent Halloween on the west coast and hit Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland and HHN at Universal Hollywood for the first time. Really enjoyed both, though I do prefer MNSSHP in WDW. But I'm obsessed with Haunted Mansion Holiday and Ghost Galaxy. I found the scareactors to be more aggressive at HHN in Hollywood than Orlando, and their Bill and Ted show was also WAY better. I love HHN Orlando, but I was surprisingly impressed with Hollywood!


Jack Skellington at Mickey's Halloween Party.


HHN at Universal Hollywood.

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I went to BGT's Howl-O-Scream on the second night of the event. It was my first time going since 2006. I was able to do the fright feast, which was ok this year. The show wasn't the greatest, but the food was actually pretty good. A benefit that comes with the fright feast is your able to get into the event a half hour early and have front of the line access to the houses, which made for a great night. I was able to experience all 7 houses and Montu, Kumba, Sheikra, and Gwazi. For the event itself, it was awesome! There were two houses that weren't the greatest with the scares but still a heck of a lot of fun. Overall I would give the event an 8 out 10.



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I was able to hit quite a few haunted events this year. I still have not made it down to Orlando, but one day hopefully soon! It's late...so I'll probably ramble...but I'm not ready for Halloween to be over! My co-workers were playing Christmas music last weekend...I'm still watching zombie movies!


Anyway, any NC locals or those that like to drive a bit...if you get a chance next year check out Nightmare on Scales St in Reidsville, NC. Take your time and don't run through as their house is set up with multiple scenes. They were able to get two authentic screams out of me this year! I'm easy with the little yells here and there...and I enjoy a good B Horror movie scream...but these were not fakes! Next year they hope to open the third floor of the building and they plan to bring the scares on that floor to a R rating level. They are just trying to figure out how to get the non-R group out without hitting that floor. Whatever they do, I'll be sure to check it out!


Scarowinds...very good sets, some good new additions...weak on some of the old ones. Cornstalkers was one of my favorites last year, this year...nothing! What a shame. We were there on a good night where the lines were not very bad, so they actually broke the groups up. My cousin was there on a different night and they only stayed about two hours. They were too disgusted at how they were pushed through like cattle. I appreciate getting in as part of my season pass, but I know this will just increase the crazy crowds.


Kersey Valley Spookywoods...lots of buck...little bang. They even charge for parking now they've grown so much. This is one of the top haunts in NC. You do get a Haunted house, tram, corn maze, and two different trails through the woods. However, we were pushed through with overly large groups, rude guides, and then quite a few of the scareactors were not in what you could call a costume at all. Just some face paint and dark clothes. I don't mind paying more if the haunt lives up to it, but this historically good haunt let me down this year. I'm not sure I'll even go back next year...(although I really do want to try the haunted zipline!)


Woods of Terror...again very big for their britches...will probably focus on the smaller local haunts next year. I will say though that their zombies were awesome! One even kind of spit on me as he did a quick turn and snap at my face. It was a little nasty, but also very well executed so I had to give him a thumbs up! This one does send you through like cattle as well, but we would just hang back and let the obnoxious groups play through. I did get to really scare some people when I screamed inside a school bus! There were no actors in there, but I made a few people run! It was great!


Castle of Horror and Cannibal Creek- we did this the same night as Nightmare...I thought it was great. A little weird when one of the inbred boys grabbed me on the arm and pulled me running down a path away from my group. I've never had that happen before, so that was interesting!


Xtreme Fear-smaller guys taking on Woods of Terror...I will let them scare me another year!


Trotterville-we started off our season at this trail. I thought it was pretty cool in a very broke down, redneck, Halloween loving kind of way. We talked with the owner for quite awhile after we were done. He really admires the big boys, but I like the rough style of this trail. I do think someone, or more, honestly will get injured on this trail...but you can tell he loves what he's doing. The corn maze was very frustrating though...after quite awhile I asked one of the actors to help us out and he got lost! Afterwards, the owner admitted he just plowed down random trails to nowhere...and he'd added a few just that day. Bad thing is he didn't pull the pushed down corn out of the path. People were slipping on the stalks and crap. The best scareactor this season was here...just because he was so dedicated! We came across him multiple times from the woods to the corn field...busting through trees and underbrush to get at us. Always in character (Michael Myers) He even scares the owner...and his co-workers. As long as he's not really a serial killer...it's all good!


Finally...Boogerwoods!! I have wanted to get to this trail for years! It only runs five days a season and always sells out with the wait averaging 3 to 4 hours. You can only buy tickets in person for the day of the event and it is in lovely Rockwell, NC....which means in the middle of nowhere to me! Anyway, one of our group drove an hour down to buy tickets that day, came back to Winston, and then made the trip back down later that night. All proceeds for this haunt go to Cystic Fibrosis research and all of the people involved are volunteers. It may get a little silly every now and then, but some of their effects are fantastic! And being a Michael Myers fan...I absolutely loved the finale! Although quite a few people weren't too happy about it...something about being locked up all smashed into one cage didn't appeal to a few group members. My little evil heart thought it was awesome!


I think that's it....for organized events anyway! Sorry for the novel, but I haven't posted in awhile...and I'm going through Halloween withdrawal...and it's late...and you asked for it! So Boo already!!

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