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Post What Halloween Event You've Been To!

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I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando Sunday night. Overall though the event this year was very average. The Bill and Ted Show was terrible. Legendary truth, Hades, and Hallowed Past were all pretty good and everything else was just okay. The scare zones all felt very bare this with not as many actors roaming as usual. We still had a good time and its still a great event just wasn't as good this year as it has been in years past.

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I went to Halloweekends for the second time yesterday (Sunday), and it was a blast. My favorite outdoor haunt is still Terror Island. It seems never-ending! I love it when the actors develop a character and really stick with it. It makes it so much more fun to be a part of.

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Took my boys to Cedar Point's Halloweekends on Saturday for what was easily the single busiest day I've ever seen in the park. We still managed a very productive day though. We avoided the big coasters and managed two rides in on Iron Dragon, one on Disaster Transport, a couple of rides in on rides in both kids areas, 2 of the indoor mazes, one run through Cornstalkers, and at least two passes through each of the other outdoor scare zones. I let my oldest boy and his cousin go ride Magnum while I was doing the kiddie stuff with the younger two. I think they waited an hour.


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^There was an unofficial trip this year, but the Alveys did not go to Orlando this year.

wow I would think everyone would want to go for the big 2-0! Guess I'll go back again for the ones who couldnt make it...

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I was lucky enough to visit HHN XX for a total of 4 nights, thought this year was great though I'm completely desensitized to the scares now . I might also head down to Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds this weekend, lacking in scares, but the ideas are usually creative and the scareactors are hilarious.

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Went to Alton Towers. Apart from the long opening hours and a non-gun Duel I didn't really notice that much difference. Thirteen was pretty cool in the dark (especially at the front!) but i did the maze in the Towers last year so didn't bother again.


Best part of the day?




Vege burger, fries, salad, onion rrings (good thing i did a preview and saw that filter!), Jack Daniels Sauce and a pint of cider (off shot). Yummm.

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I did the haunt at Canada's Wonderland last night for the first time at it was really good! Some of the mazes were had really cool setups and atmospheres. There was also an unusually thick fog that covered the park and entire surrounding area all day, so you couldn't see more than a couple hundred feet around you. Everything was very surreal.

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I did the haunt at Canada's Wonderland last night for the first time at it was really good! Some of the mazes were had really cool setups and atmospheres. There was also an unusually thick fog that covered the park and entire surrounding area all day, so you couldn't see more than a couple hundred feet around you. Everything was very surreal.


Quoted for truth! Although, the fog didn't help the drive home any. But, it sure was awesome riding Behemoth into thick fog and dropping from it.


So yes, Haunted Graveyard/ Lake Compounce was as awesome as usual! Will post additional pics in an ongoing TR thread. Canada's Wonderland was really well done! The park rakes it in and charges for this event and you can see that they really do go all out. Maybe being in an urban center adds to the pool of production and 'scharacter' talent? Either way, it was definitely upper budget and well done. Awesome job to both parks!


Let's show a bit...


Oooga boooga! This lite was such a cool effect, reminded me a Scooby Doo episode with the diver monster. lol


Using the pool well.


This lighting looks amazing, especially when the fog machines are going. The rain didn't really allow for it last night.


Bascially what you see when you walk into Wonderland's main gates.


Lake Compounce, before dusk! Pumpkin man makes his return appearance.


The coolest bumper cars experience ever! What direction and where? You guess was as good as ours in all that fog.


They even had a clown maze with $1.00 glasses!


They do a great job setting the Halloween mood!


Lake Compounce and pumpkin man in the dark.

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I went to Terror Behind The Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary this past Sunday. It was really cool to be walking around the old prison, passing by cells while getting scared etc.


The best section was the Infirmary. Really used the space well and creeped everyone out.

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This year's Halloween season has been very rewarding, and I can honestly say that I'm already pumped for next year. So far, I've been to the following events:


Knott's Scary Farm

The original Halloween Haunt has definitely improved over the last time I was there (5-6 years ago). The production level has definitely been raised, and the set design for all the mazes did not disappoint. Favorites this year were the Terror of London, Cornstalkers, Fallout Shelter, and the log ride's Sleepy Hollow overlay. The Hanging, while still fun, was lost on me this year since I have not been keeping up with pop culture (Justin who?). Ghosttown also seemed to be more deeply shrouded in dense fog, with amazing talent lurking in every nook and cranny.


Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (on both coasts)

This was my first year attending both events, and I was greatly impressed. The production level on both coasts cannot compare to anything else I've experienced. While the Hollywood event is still in its infancy, they're definitely heading in the right direction. Terror Tram was cool if not for the sole reason of walking through the backlot at night. Friday the 13th and House of 1,000 Corpses were my favorite houses. While I have heard that this year's Orlando event was a bit disappointing compared to previous years, as a first timer I had no other precedence to base it on. And as a result, I was literally blown away! Hades, Legendary Truth and Catacombs were favorites, and while I really enjoyed the Hallowed Past house, it was almost bittersweet to realize what I have missed in previous years. Bill and Ted's is definitley an acquired taste, and one I just could not sink my teeth into. It was impressive to see the loyal following it had in Orlando. Either way, an amazing experience at both events. I don't believe I've ever genuinely jumped so much in my life.


Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

This was just an overall fun event, perfect for the whole family, or a perfect excuse for you and your 20- & 30-something friends to dress up and load up on free candy. It was awesome seeing the Magic Kingdom shrouded in a veil of Halloween goodness, and the lighter crowds were a huge welcome. The perimeter fireworks were impressive, and while the Boo to You Parade was cute, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone, just for the fun of dressing up and experiencing the Magic Kingdom under a new light.


Worlds of Fun

While I'm not a fan of Cedar Fair using the Knott's-specific Halloween Haunt name for all it's properties (minus Cedar Point... ???), I have to admit that I was really impressed with this event. It can't compete with the big boys as far as production and budgets go, but from a local haunt standpoint, it really seems to deliver. There was a cool preshow at the start of the event where the "undead" are summoned by the Overlord, run through the audience and form a procession to their respective houses. Having done this on the Saturday one week before Halloween, it was extremely crowded. We only got to hit Corn Stalkers, Doll Factory, and Lore of the Vampire/Club Blood. All three houses were well done and were long and elaborate, although the real scares never quite materialized. From a production standpoint and layout, my favorite had to be Corn Stalkers. I definitley wouldn't mind returning to this event next year.


Spanish Treasure Cave

This is a local haunt that takes place in one of the areas many natural caves. Honestly, it was nothing special. This haunt seemed to focus more on the tight enclosed spaces of the cave itself and just didn't produce any real scares. The talent was really lacking. I'm looking into attending two more local haunts (Nightmares Haunted House and Raycliff Manor) before close of the season.


Making some new friends at Knott's Halloween Haunt.


Very cool sign to a very cool maze.


The Fire Gate (not sure if it has an official name) at Hollywood's HHN.


Entrance to House of 1,000 Corpes at HHN.


Orlando's Fire Gate was equally as impressive!


Cutting it close (pun intended) at Orlando's HHN.


With my favorite Disney villain at MNSSHP.


Corn Stalkers, my favorite house at Worlds of Fun.


The only picture I got of the Spanish Treasure Cave, as cameras were not allowed inside.


Maps of all the theme park events I've been to this year. Can't wait until next year!

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I went to the york dungeons which tells the tale of York's gruesome past and this year they had a new addition the burning witches theirs also a part called judgment of the sinners which uses some audience participation and I got picked lol. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but here's a link if you wont to see what the dungeons look like http://www.the-dungeons.co.uk/york/en/index.htm

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