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Post What Halloween Event You've Been To!

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I'm going to Scarywood this year, instead of Wild Waves' Fright Fest. Highlights include backwards Timber Terror, several Halloween themed mazes (including one through Thunder Canyon's channel) and several themed entertainers. I hear from a friend that Aftershock won't be open due to problems related to the cold, but I'm hopeful that during the earlier hours of the event it should be open.

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I hit up Knott's Scary Farm this year rather than HHN. That was a great decision, on a Wednesday night, we hit every maze and even rode a ride in about 2 hours. My friend was kinda sick so it worked great. The energy and quality of most of the mazes was a huge improvement over a couple of years ago. I had a couple of scares that made me jump like never before, silly fun. I was surprised at how small the crowd was, even for a weekday.


I also hit up the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival. I picked up, like, 7 pumpkins for carving on top of the 5 I already had. They also had a corn maze and some good, bad for you food choices.


We might try to hit Dark Harbor at Queen Mary, that is still up in the air.

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I've already attended HHN twice here in Orlando, but my biggest Halloween event is my show Halloween: The Musical!


I already posted this in the Random thread, but since this is an event, I hope it's ok to mention here.


I even got a write up on a horror blog: http://www.gorestruly.com/2010/10/19/halloween-the-musical/


So if you're in Orlando this weekend, check out my show and say hello!!


(The show runs Fri and Sun Oct 22 and 24 at 8pm at the Shakespeare Center. More details at http://www.wanzie.com/boxoffice/#halloween )


I also did the Zellwood Corn Maze in Zellwood, FL. Very cool 6 acre maze mostly geared towards kids. But once you get in the big maze, it can take you up to 2 hours to get out!!


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First post virgin.


How daunting.


I went to Thorpe Park two weeks ago and had a nice time. Unfortunately the place was packed, which depending on your love of 'atmosphere' may or may not be a good thing. In my eyes it wasn't. Colossus' queue was up to 120mins almost all day. Saw never dropped below 90 (although I suppose thats to be expected seeing as its halloween and all...)


Oh, and I waited 2 hours just to buy my tickets (had 2for1 vouchers) before even entering the park. I thought that was appalling. Speed it up lads!


Bar these issues, the day was good, mazes scared me, and I got four rides in on stealth.


Booyah single rider queue.


Here is a picture of me having a nice time not in a queue.


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I've only gone to Knott's Scary Farm this year, but this year was one of the best they have ever done! The quality in the new mazes was fantastic and I can really see how Knott's is trying to step up their game. I actually work at a haunted attraction called The Empty Grave in Anaheim. We are literally right across the street from Disneyland in the Anaheim Gardenwalk. If you're in the Anaheim Resort area, or even Southern California, come visit us! We've been getting some phenomenal reviews this year!



Part of my costume this year. Come visit me!

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I went to the Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park 5 times this season. It's the first Halloween event I've ever been to, and I absolutely love it! Like what was said before, however, there aren't enough actors roaming the park as there should be. I heard there were many more in previous years, but I would love to see some more. My favorite haunt is the Mansion House Hotel (advertised as being the largest haunted house in any Cedar Fair park, but Cornstalkers is the scariest. If you've never been to a Halloween event, I strongly reccomend going to one, you'll love it!

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I went to Knotts last Sunday, but didn't stay for Scary Farm because I had a kiddo with me.


We've been to Brick or Treat at Legoland, CA and we are going back this Saturday so she can be in a costume contest. I will take pictures when we go this week. It was a lot of fun for the smaller crowd and they give out candy and treats to the kids. The entertainment is pretty nice too and we liked riding the coasters in the dark, such a rare treat for Legoland.


The little monkey is going to be dressed up as a Legobrick Vampire. Almost done make the legobrick part of the costume now.

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On Sunday I went to USH's HHN with Albert/Corkscrewed. There wasn't a ton of stuff to do (I finished around 11:30, he stuck around to take some more photos, and by then the lines were all pretty long), but the mazes and scare zones were pretty amazing. House of a 1000 Corpses is probably the best maze I've ever done. Friday the 13th and Saw were both awesome. There was one particularly fantastic scare in Friday the 13th where it appears that Jason is hanging out behind a window (Nightmare on Elm Street was full of this), but then the lights flash, and he's up in your face. Nightmare on Elm Street, Vampyre, the Terror Tram, and Bill and Ted's were all very good too, but not at quite the same level as those three mazes. We also had time for the Simpson's Ride, and before HHN I did the tour, Mummy, and Jurassic Park. King Kong 360 3D was ok.


I'd like to go to Queen Mary and Knott's, but probably I'll only make it to Fright Fest (still never done backwards Colossus). There's also the Haunted Swamp at our base that I might check out. I guess it has a boat ride.


Oh, and I'm sad that I missed the TPR Knott's event, but I was still on my Oktoberfest side-trip.

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I've only been going to Halloween events since last year.


2009 - Universal Hollywood HHN & Knott's Scary Farm

2010 - H'wood HHN, KSF, Universal Orlando HHN (including Behind the Screams tour) & Busch Tampa Howl O Scream


I would have loved to go to the TPR Knott's Halloween event but I had already made travel plans that I couldn't change easily (missed it by 24 hours). I just didn't know about it far enough in advance because I have to come from overseas and plan everything in advance.

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Went back to Legoland's Brick or Treat night tonight with the little one. Thought she might have the chance to win the costume contest for the Lego category, she didn't, but we still had fun.


Ready to head to Legoland


Die Vadar!


These guys are great.


Lots of entertainers rolling around on balls, unicycles, stilts, jugglers etc.

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I went to Fright Fest At Six Flags Great Adventure on Columbus Day. I think that they did not have the full out spooks running around that day due to the 8pm closing. There were only 2 hours for the scares. But...there were practically no lines, including on KK! (My first ride ever) We did not do any mazes due to the up charge! I didn't expect that. I have gone in prior years, and there wasn't an up charge. So we opted out and rode Nitro in the dark.


Nitro in the "fog". Very creepy! :)


Fountain of Fear


Wish I got a better pic of this...it was just so funny. Our friend got scared by this "ghoul" just after when she thought she went another way!



Show by the Ferris Wheel. We did not stop.


Creepy can girl. :) It does make an awful sound on the floor!


And last but not least: my pic from KK. There were six in our group. Me in the middle, and my dtr behind me. lol.

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Took Friday off and hit up CP Halloweekends. We were a bit disappointed in the high crowds (Maverick was a 1.5 hour wait), as other times I have visited on a Friday night the crowds were fairly light. Guess because it was one of the few reasonably nice weekends we have had this fall season everyone was giddy to get to the Point.


Didn't do a lot of the haunts because of the lines, but did finally get to do Cornstalkers. While it wasn't as good as what I was expecting, the scare actors were well camoflauged in the corn!


Also processed and paid for my 2011 Platinum Pass - my first one ever!

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Went to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Friday. The theming was amazin in both the park and the haunted houses, coaster waits were 10 minutes or less, and I got to ride Griffon in the 3rd row in the DARK, which rocked! Overall I had a better ride than over spring break. I know many will disagree with me but IMO Griffon is best in the 3rd row not the 1st.

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