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MARFleparks - Benetti Resort/Veja Mundo Park [RCT2]

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The Canines Have Arrived - MARF begins construction on new Resort

Adding on to the numerous amusements within the area, MARFleparks has begun building Benetti Resort - just east of Orlando International at the Junction of The Florida Turnpike and the Central Florida Greenway. According to Katherine Jacobson, supervisor of MARF's Florida Project described that this is a rather unique concept for the company - a Satellite Resort. "We call it such as it isn't lacks what the Echenima Resorts in California and England have - the anchor of Echenima Park" Jacobson stated in an interview "but like Liverpool, we are making this resort as pedestrian friendly as possible as well as reducing the need for a car. We are in the talks with [City Council] to allow a monorail shuttle to and from the airport, and we have a set of automated peoplemovers to take guests around the resort". According to the plans released to the public early in the month, the resort will have one park - Veja Mundo, which MARF claims to have been inspired by and designed to compete with existing establishments "we visited central Florida in the past year" states MARFinvisionist John Meander "Universal, Disney, Busch, CDI [...] we saw what worked best and implemented it to the park..." Upon being asked if there were any concerns about the already saturated market - something MARF tends to avoid, Jacobson joked "I'm sure we'll get a couple of confused tourists from the monorail". Monorails, of course, are a staple of nearby Walt Disney World. Nevertheless, we welcome our Californian Canine establishment.


Figured I'd start with that article. Anyways, welcome to the Benetti Resort:



Pardon the map's title, it was called 'Brunetti' in the planning stages.


As you can see in the map above, we have three hotels (Pacifica, Canis Vulpes, and Crystal Springs) with one of them being inside the park, Capitola Promenade - an outdoor shopping plaza themed to a Californian beach town, three automated peoplemover lines (in yellow) and the main park - Veja Mundo.


How did we get the name? it's a variation on Mundial de viaje, or 'World Voyage' in Spanish. Which is the theme of this park as a whole. So, without further ado, let's bring you around!



First off is the rather simplistic entrance dominated by Hotel Pacifica:



And as you can see, we have the monorail in place in the resort despite the fact that the rest of it is still held up in red tape.



The first thing guests see is Point Luna, an entry area inspired by the towns along Monterey Bay, specifically its namesake:



This area has no attractions per se, though you could call the integration of Hotel Pacifica a major highlight of the area (MARF would once again like to thank the Oriental Land Company for the idea).



As a matter of fact, you can actually check in from within the park.



Yes, those are parade gates in the top-right, as well as a premium restaurant in the center.



That's it for now, I had to start this sooner or later... until next time, Hasta tiempo!

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While I have nothing major to update with, here's some rather interesting news to tide you over until I do:


Floridian park budget slashed

As shocking as it may be, MARFleparks had decided to cut the budget of Veja Mundo - their latest venture in Orlando,Florida which is still under construction - by 30% during a meeting last Sunday. The cuts will not effect the Hotels nor the Capitola Promenade shopping district, which have their own budget. As a result, Veja Mundo is going to have a smaller footprint that originally planned, and some areas have either been axed or put on hold until further notice. Despite the cuts, MARFinvisionists will still do their best in creating the immersive experience MARFleparks are known for. Money that has been cut from Veja Mundo has been reallocated and put into the budget for the third park of Echenima Resort California - San Feria. Critics are becoming skeptical about the choice to do so, and there are rumors abound that MARF is losing faith in Florida.

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I suggest placing land textures under your paths, would look much better than grass underneath. Also, your work is getting to the point that it almost always looks the same, using the same path and wall textures everywhere. I understand that this is a chain and the parks will resemble each other, but you need to expand away from this a bit.

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Time for an update, wouldn't you agree?


First off, a bit of a transition from Point Luna, with railroad and boat launch:



Yes, the boat track will become invisible...


Not themed to anything specific, this transition area is left open to interpretation.



Beyond that is this short trestle, followed by what would be a portion of the European section - France.



Not much, I know. However, running dry on concepts, MARFleparks is once again asking you fellow readers for help. What are some good ride ideas for a European (even be specific countries) area? We'd love to hear what you all can come up with!


and here's the site of the European area, for reference:



Until next time, see you all later!

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Long time no see, this has been placed on the backburner for months and I've finally decided to build enough to justify an update.


Pardon the weather, Florida tends to be a bit unpredictable.


Here we have, quite literally, the centrepiece area of the park - Isle of Legend.


Directly behind a replica of the Catalina Island Casino, thesetting of this land is rather interesting, we're in Atlantis. However, this is an Atlantis before it sunk into the sea. Hence, much of the area is very Greek-inspired.



And yes, those sharp cliffs will be eventually rounded off.


The attraction roster is quite small though this area is planned for expansion a while after park opening -


Plato Auditorium - A 4-D theater, showcases a rather immersive special-effects-heavy show loosely based on Ancient myth, with a hint of Pompeii.


Plateía Canoes - Canoe around in the quaint pond in the middle of the Isle, weather and weight permitting (trivia: Plateía is greek for square, more-or-less the shape of the pond ).


Veja Mundo Ferryboat - Park Transit


Lore of Thera - the major attraction. A dark-ride coaster combine that culminates in a 50-foot drop and a literal run-for-the hills. By far a MARFleparks first.


Isle Carousel - Self-explanatory


Inter-water Railway - While the railroad does pass through the island, it doesn't stop here.



Plato auditorium to the right, Thera facade to the left.




Part of Lore of Thera's outdoor segment




The dock for the water ferry, with the Carousel in the top-left, and a cafe in the middle.


That should do it, ideally things should be going into high-gear for this park. Ideally we at MARFleparks are hoping for a late-summer opening.

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Once again, the californian folf has delivered an exceptional piece of rct work...The new land looks really good as well as different from the original echinema resort. Keep it up, I can't wait to see more!

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Try to not take screenshots when it's raining out, and also on that huge building you made the roof looks like a box. Try and make the roof more complex so it will look a little more realistic. Other then the roof of that building, looks great!


You're not serious, are you?


Mike's building design require -no- changes whatsoever- if anything, he could school the best of the best- and leave them in the dust begging for mercy over his building designs and structural elements.



Games Forum Moderating Team

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Try to not take screenshots when it's raining out, and also on that huge building you made the roof looks like a box. Try and make the roof more complex so it will look a little more realistic. Other then the roof of that building, looks great!


Have you seen it up close? Correction - Have you also seen the building it's modeled after? It's nearly spot on. And I believe Mike also noted that rain was intentional.

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Try to not take screenshots when it's raining out, and also on that huge building you made the roof looks like a box. Try and make the roof more complex so it will look a little more realistic. Other then the roof of that building, looks great!


I won't comment on what you have said as others have already mentioned justifiable counter statements. I don't think I have seen you do anything in the games. Why don't you show us what you've done?


Anyways, no real update, just progress shots on the European section (keep in mind this area is still barren and obviously incomplete) -


Trans-Water Railway Station:



Italian Isle:


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Long time no see, finally got the game working again after a move few months ago. Hopefully I can get all four parks back in action.


Anyways, let's begin!


After a year of (cutbacked) construction and (ridiculous amounts of) marketing, Veja Mundo park and the Benetti Resort finally opens to the public.




At first it looks like the year of work paid off; MARF's first 'satellite' park appears to be a success with tourists, as crowds of guests pass under the Hotel Pacifica and enter the colorful Point Luna, the entryway land of the park.




Passing beyond that, guests go 'across the pond' to the Old World, a European-themed Area that includes a surround-sight Film of Great Britain (similar to the one playing in Echenima on the west coast), and a Motion Simulator of a chaotic journey through the Alps. Beyond the two rides, Food is the main focus here.




Isle of Legend is looking rather alive.




The final area, themed to the Asian Pacific Tropical Island Chains, is Barukayo Plaza. Here guests can enjoy an indoor stage show, a little coaster for the kids, and a Rapids run culminating with a waterfall into a cave. Live performances also take place in the center stage.



Overall, while the park seemed like a success, it later turned out to be quite the opposite. Guests, while plentiful, severely criticized the small size of the park (only 12 rides total), and the relatively-high admission cost ($65 adults/$43 kids). However, the park did receive much praise for its 'immersive' feel and rich detail. In response to this, MARFleparks reported to not be concerned at all, as there are set plans for expansion from the start (though shall remain unannounced), and that given that most guests are out-of-state tourists who book months in advance, the company shouldn't be concerned of instant loss, at least not yet.


And that should do it. Hopefully I can get these up more regularly. Until next time, Hasta Mundo!

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