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FREE TPR Oktoberfest 2010 DVD!

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Oktoberfest 2010 FREE DVD!


Great news for Club TPR Members! For instructions on how to download your FREE OKTOBERFEST DVD CLICK HERE!


We have just released a brand new, totally FREE DVD containing over an hour of footage from our recent Oktoberfest 2010 Trip!


This DVD contains BRAND NEW segments never before released on TPR and is available FOR FREE exclusively to Club TPR Members!


Just another one of the little "surprises" we have in store for our Club TPR Members!


If you are not a member of Club TPR, JOIN NOW! Click the link below:




Enjoy this new DVD!





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^^^ So it just occurred to me that those girls are the same ones as the ones in the TR with the caption "Moments later there were boobs being flashed! We have photos of them, but we can't show them on TPR!"


Robb, You have my email!

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Thank you so much for making an awesome thing even more awesome all the time. I was worried when I first became a Club TPR member cause I knew I wouldn't be able to use the discounts at all. It turned out to be more then worth it even without the amazing discounts. Keep up with the great work Robb. Also if you are not a member because you can't make it to the parks this year then shame on you. The magazine, lanyard, pen, random EXCLUSIVE videos, and random TPR Store coupons more then make up for it. In other words, Join Club TPR!

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