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Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Discussion Thread

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It'll be fine. There's a live cam if you want to keep an eye on things.


The storm is 190 miles south of Galveston. They have a Tropical Storm warning but no Hurricane Warning. Galveston may have storm surge issues but that won't have any impact on the pier.


This seems like a bizarre display of confidence to me - you declare it will be fine, so it will?


Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a Category 4 storm, with landfall in Texas imminent.


The storm, which has maximum sustained winds of 130 mph with even stronger gusts, is expected to be the worst to hit the state in decades. The last Category 4 storm to hit the U.S. was Charley in 2004 in Florida, while the last Category 4 storm to hit Texas was Carla in 1961.


After it hits land, it's projected to drift back up towards Galveston ... then Houston. There have been multiple tornado warnings, too.


I certainly hope you're right, but as unpredictable as the damage from a hurricane can be it seems odd to so boldly declare that it will be "fine".

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The big threat to Houston and Galveston if the storm stalls and drifts that way is flooding. The winds aren't likely to still be at the level that they saw with Ike and, even if they are, this looks more like a glancing blow on Galveston than a direct hit. That being said, I wouldn't say that any part of the Texas coast is in the clear. Ike was much worse than originally predicted.

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it seems odd to so boldly declare that it will be "fine".


Not really because Galveston isn't getting hit by the hurricane. They have a tropical storm warning calling for gusts up to 40 MPH. They don't have a hurricane warning or a mandatory evacuation. The hurricane made landfall almost 200 files away. See, look... nobody cares

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Friendly reminder that there's a webcam. I don't imagine that it will be online for the duration of the hurricane but it exists and it's online now.


Also, I'm happy to keep up with the tradition of only bumping this when there's a hurricane because I mean... why else would you ever bump it?

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Agreed. It's looking promising for Galveston but they're still in for hurricane force winds and a crazy 24 hours.



Mandatory evacuation, tho many are staying (it's "only" category 3).


my Dad is 45 minutes away in Pearland, and he's not leaving - not any of his neighbors. They're expecting lots of rain tho.

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Does this help? Park tweeted this yesterday:


Pleasure Pier (@GHPleasurePier) Tweeted:

For the safety of our guests, Pleasure Pier is closed today and tomorrow due to inclement weather. Please check back for future updates! https://t.co/qTM9LRZHIs


I believe landfall is early tomorrow morning, and Galveston is currently under a hurricane warning. I’d be kind of surprised if they weren’t closed tomorrow too:





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