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Photo TR:The Rays, Zombies, Haunt, Horror, and Mickey Oh my!


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Hahaha... That was a fun night! Thanks for making me seem like a child predator BTW And yes, the Front of the Line Pass is so worth the money, but with the TPR Club Discount makes it a lot better. Anyways, I'm glad I spent my b-day weekend with you guys and we need to do this again... Disney for x-mas?!



We are really trying to go back down for christmas. We will let you know!

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The last part of the trip, and the first day of our trip, was Disneyland and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We really weren't too impressed with this event. We spent the day at the park, and lines during the 'exclusive' event were not any better, and in some cases worse! I was really disappointed with that. Also, the even was exclusive to those who bought tickets, but because they didn't close down the park, there were a ton of people walking around, getting candy, and riding the rides that did not have wristbands. Pretty annoying when you spend that much money. They had the characters all dressed up, and had some rare ones as well, so that was nice, but the lines were too long to take pictures so it wasn't worth it to us. The decorations were neat, but the best part was the amount of candy we received. It was definitely the equivalent to at least half the price of the ticket, so it that sense, the event was worth it. And it was quality candy as well! We got Kit Kat's, Reese's, Crunch bars, Twix, Snickers, Milky Way, Skittles, M&M's, and even Ghiradelli! I probably will do it again, if only for the candy and extra time, but I won't expect it to be any less crowded than the day. It was also the start of Gay Days, so there were a lot of interesting people around! Well, on to the pictures!


We have arrived at Disney Construction Adventures! This wall is now virtually gone.


This train is home to food, and a ton of cats.


After beating all the kids back, Amy finally had the mist to herself, only to find out it wasn't working.


Obligatory picture location.


Out with the old buildings in front, and in with the new Radiator Springs in the back.


This view no longer exists. I told Disney I had a pickup truck, but it didn't work.


After being evicted from their 'land,' the bugs life family now just flies around homeless.


New paint, new sign, and the removal of all that was good :( NO MORE FLAVOR SWIRLS, NOOOO!


The water is still brown, but still nicer with water.


Cruella de Vile decided to take a day off and tour the park.


It was extremely empty during the morning.


I am always sad when a food place goes away, even if it was crappy.


Little Mermaid is getting some welding done. I know I'm not supposed to look at the light, but I just can't help it!


Definitely created by an artist, and not anyone that has any clue about show space, people movement, or efficiency.


Amy waits patiently as I take tons of pictures.


I've heard that two heads are better than one, but never two hats.


2 Questions. 1. Is it a boy or a girl? 2. Does a rat or a bird live in that hair?


From this point until MM, there was nothing open. TSMM, the swings, the food places at the end, and Maliboomer were either being destroyed, remodeled, or just closed for the day.


I love the faces some people make on the launch.


I did like the look and sound of the waves they used to have, but I do not miss the splash of bright blue toilet water in my face.


No matter the age, a mullet never loses its luster.


The scaffolding is in place for Maliboomers destruction.


The standard MM save your ribs bracing position.


This is now on it's way to Goofy's Flight School's tranformation.


Donald's boat is slowly being destroyed.


You can add Mickey, better theming, and fun music, but it is still just a swing that every single park/carnival in the world has.


Amy is content. Probably thinking of life without me.


We have probably visited at least 50 times since the Zephyr opened, and this is my first ride on it, and Amy's second. I think another 50 visits sounds right.


Construction for the Little Mermaid.


From the Zephyr. Ok, so there is one good point to it.




After. (It really does look like this now, but without the two second PS cloning clouds look job.)


I think WOC during the day is much more entertaining.


Nice shot of Amy near GRR.


So if it's a fanny pack because it's on your fanny, and a backpack because it's on your back, what the heck is this thing called?


Steam Donkey. Sounds like something you would find in a bathroom.


Looks are very deceiving. Probably the least wet part of the ride, at least the last ten times I rode it.


The afternoon wheelchair parade was as fun as always!


This dudes hair remind me of that one weird guys hair in the old Popeye cartoons. Anyone remember his name?


I love the muppets, and really wish they would update this show.


Now part of ElecTRONica, making this corner of the park useful for at least 2 hours a day.


Hey, it's Wilbur from Meet the Robinson's!


I do not know how this is possible unless he's hiding a few characters under there.


The ECV parade was not nearly as good as years past.


Amy and I are waiting for a famous celebrity that we paid a lot of money to have an exclusive meet with.


Is that him!?


It's Dan! He has his finger on dial so he can call 911 because he's heard the groupie stories before.


How does one come up with that concept?


Watching the master at work.


Even the Navy Seals were working on WOC. Disney really did screw the whole thing up.


Not red gay day dude, or Dan's a$$, but the dude in the blue. He seriously does have an inner tube!


Another game of Boy or Girl!


2 are proud, 4 are a little reserved, and 1 realizes that she shouldn't have worn red today.


Looks like Mythbuster's Adam and Jamie had a kid, and he hooked up with Wilford Brimley, because it's the right thing to do, and the tasty way to do it.


Yet another! Person on the right, Boy or Girl? It's not as easy as it looks!


Definitely an example of pear shaped. (Yes, I'm going to hell)


C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A in rainbow colors, well, it is Gay Days.


These chicks could easily beat me up. And yes, the answer to the last game is female.


Today is 'Each piece of clothing has to be a different color" day!


Sorry guys, SFMM is a little more North.


Disneyland was nicely decorated for Halloween.


This would be the true test for the 'new' Harry Potter seats.


I think someones pants are a bit too tight.


I thought for sure we were in for a massive storm. Luckily though, it was just the normal gasses, smell, and meth labs coming from East LA.


Boy or Girl!?


Nice picture with the pumpkin.


Another girl that could kick most guys butts.


"Ma said that if you get any closer, I can eat you."


Big Love came out for a day at the park.


Gee, no one coming out of the Tiki Room is smiling or happy at all. What a surprise!


This area was empty most of the day.


Nice hat.


This dude with the funky hair reminds me of a cartoon character, but I can't figure it out. Anyone?


Perfect example of the real causes of childhood obesity. This kid had two huge marshmallow chocolate thingys, and his parents bought them for him. If the parents are responsible, problem solved.


This guy had this funky mohawk poof hair do thing going on.


One of the ghosts from the Haunted Mansion decided to take her break out front.


Hey, she's got my wife's hair!


The Frontier Ranch had some really good pumpkin carvings.


Pretty impressive.


Maybe they ran out of creativity with these.


The only 'character' without a line.


He's just dreaming about when the kids will disappear.


These guys were really funny, and very feminine. Piers would not have liked them.


Mommy, can I take a picture with the giant pumpkin from Charlie Brown?


The 'bride' from Haunted Mansion decided to take a run through Pirates before her shift started.


MNSSHP starts! The lighting and fog made the riverfront area look really good.


This signified the entrance to a butt load of candy.


Amy with her candy bag in front of Splash Mountain


This was a line for candy. There were two line, each starting at opposite ends. Many times, if the line was long, you just walked to the other end and that line would be empty.


Amy in front of a much better looking Rivers of America. I wish it looked like this year round.


They cranked Dumbo up to turbo for the event.


This guy had a really good costume.


DJ LANCE!!! This kid had the best costume the entire week!


I would have to lose a major bet to ever be caught in this costume.


I am waiting for a Chevy Chase style throwdown.


This is all we saw of the parade. We were too busy getting candy.


For Elissa.


This poor scarecrow had no one interacting with him all night. It was pretty funny watching him talk to himself.


Thank you Disney for a TON of candy! See you next year!!!

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Wow. You should have called this TR "Taking Pictures of Random Guests and Making Fun of Them". I know it was meant to be funny, but mostly it was just mean.


I went to Mickey's Halloween Party 2 weeks ago and definitely thought it was worth the $$$. The candy was awesome (as mentioned) and we got to do Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy with less than a 10 minute wait. Much better than during the day, if you ask me. But Haunted Mansion's line continued to be ridiculous. The Halloween fireworks show was also awesome.

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I completely understand how you could take it that way, and sorry you were offended. Officially, I am 36 pounds overweight, am not attractive, and have to go to the bathroom a lot, and anyone and everyone is free to make fun of me as well. I think it would be so awesome to have a horrible/rude picture of myself show up on a place like peopleofwalmart or awkward family photos. I have no problem if someone wants to take pictures of me and make fun of me. I am always open to making fun of myself and pointing out my faults. Look at the person who plays Chucky (the little person). He could either live life completely seriously and always pretend he is normal size and demand that everyone else does, or, he can let his hair down every once in a while and play a psycho doll at HHN and have fun with it! Just as a word of caution though, you won't want to see my "Middle America Food and Fatties" post in a few weeks then.

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A very entertaining report, just make sure you schedule a visit to your dentist after wolfing all that candy!


A visit to the dentist, and plastic surgeon, is definitely in order!


The one pic that would make Devious laugh would also be able to make Me,Hurricane,CaliFolf, and a few other hidden fur's on this site laugh!


Well in that case, hope you enjoy this one!


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Here's a walkthrough video of Rob Zombie's House of 10,000 Corpses at Halloween Horror Nights in California. If you still have the '3-D' glasses, they still work pretty good if you do the 720p version on a full screen with high resolution. Be warned though, this video is shot by hand so it is shaky like Cloverfield. Enjoy!


*There is a sign of rules at the beginning of the maze which I made sure to tape. On it, it says no flash photos or external video lighting. It doesn't say no photos or video, just that I can't use lights/lighting of any kind, which I didn't. Just want people to know that I didn't sneak around, or break any rules to take this video.



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^Thanks a lot! I'm doing my Europe trip report now, but next I will be doing my "Food and Fatties" Middle America trip report. If you liked this TR, the Middle America report should be right up your alley!

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