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Theme Park Review Announces Our 2006 UK Trip!

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Will these special perks be availible to Uk members coming to parks for the day?


Unfortunately these dates are going to fall into my final exams no doubt. Hopefully i'll be able to make one park. *sigh*

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^ We don't plan to 'piece out' the trip for people who are going to join us just for the the day. You are more than welcome to come and hang out with us during the day, but any ERT's, walk-backs, organized meals, etc are only available to people who have registered for the trip.



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Spoke to my parents about this last night and they seem pretty okay with it aslong as I save up x amount of money. I'll be 16 by then and most probably travelling with djrappa... would I still need to provide the forms or would he be my legal guardian for the trip?

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This sounds fantastic.

I will be in the UK that time and was planning to hit 5 or six parks. My question is.

I would just be coming along for some of the days at some parks. I relize that I would not get the Park Perks, However will I be able to see the final itenery, even though I am not on the official trip? IE. so I know which parks you will be at, when and when you will be off doing other things, ERT, etc. so I can plan my days around you.

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Robb or Elissa, I just recently got into the TPR thang, and I have been to some of these parks before, but...


I can (fairly) easily get the $$$, I have the vacation time, but...


I am in the military. (stationed in Japan)


I normally cannot request leave more than 60 days in advance, and have ZERO clue what my ship's schedule will be that far out. So if I have to cancel for military obligations, how bad can it get? (How much $$$ do you think I'll be out?)


I will send you a money order about mondayish, we have a supertyphoon (but it's not a Gertslauer) hitting the Tokyo area in the next 24-36 hours, so everything is closed right now.


Chris B

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Liam, Great to hear from you again! It will be great to have you on the trip! You have two choices for your 'paperwork'. Either have your parents sign a crapload of forms that we send you, or have your parents sign over temporary guardianship to Clint. We can talk more over email if you want to know the details! Glad to have you both!


Chris B., I have sent you a PM! Check it out!

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I have the check written out, and I'll be ready to mail it.


Out of curiosity, how are you guys going to tie screen names to "real" names?


^ RSW is in Fort Myers, and they're opening a huge new terminal soon (just in time for the hurricane to hit). If you want to get a cheap fare, get it out of Orlando or Miami (there's nothing wrong with "Going Greyhound")


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I'm going to post the link to the flyer again just so it doesn't get buried as I've noticed a lot of people asking questions that are answered within the flyer. Not that I mind answering the questions, just I think that the thread has gotten so big now, people might miss the fact that many of the answers are already there!


So anyway.....


TPR's UK Theme Park Trip 2006 Flyer!


Also, I'm not sure if I ever posted the link to our 'events' page, but here it is:




--Robb "Thanks to everyone who has already signed up!" Alvey

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^^Awesome Will, great to have you aboard!


Once we receive payment I put down the 'real' name on my list, and then we'll be sending out a very detailed questionnaire to you asking for important information as well as some 'wish lists' to make this a trip that YOU'LL enjoy!

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