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Theme Park Review Announces Our 2006 UK Trip!

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^ If your brother is 18 and your parents sign off that he is ok to be your legal guardian, then we'd love to have you! Since it's your own brother, we would need a signed note from your parents. We could even perhaps draft something and have it sent to you.



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Hey there everyone, I did everything backwards. I already sent the money in and got the super secret access already before reading any of this. I am soooo diggin this event. I have just about blanketed the USA for coasters with the exception of a few areas such as Georgia (Wild Adventures and Six Flags), Texas (Fiesta and Astroworld) and Missouri (Silver Dollar City and Worlds of Fun). There are a few other major parks elsewhere, but that is it. I also have done some in Ontario, Canada. Now comes the time to expand overseas and your trip is ideal. I have been watching videos of yours for a long time and finally getting to meet you guys and sit down and get to know you better is going to be exciting. I am sooo thankful that you will be taking care of everything for us, because I would have no idea or concept on how to get this all done on my own. I thank you very much for all of your efforts and time and knowledge ahead of time. Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone going and you can include me in the snorers club unfortunately too. Set me up with another to set my mind at ease. I apologize for my ignorance, but I am totally clueless about the UK. Can some people fill me in on other major tourist areas we will be near and also some rare or not to miss other attractions not to be missed at the parks we will be visiting. Thanks and I look forward to all the future friendships and good times. Mike http://www.leslieandmike.com

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The USPS tracking thingy says that my deposit is safely in Robb's (or Elissa's) hands!


I have recieved on e-mail today from Robb, but he didn't mention anything about England :? , so I can look forward to somehow being contacted twice in one day by our hosts!




Chris B


(I'll let R+E tell you what stunt they're up to themselves!)

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Ok, I am SOOOO desperate to join everyone for this but I was planning on spending most of June sat in the pub with large amounts of cigarettes and alcohol and watching the World Cup... Hmmm. Must have a think about this.


Elissa, I'm a little confused about something that's on the flyer, or maybe I just read it wrong: We pay an initial $150 deposit, then a further $500, then how long do we have to pay the rest of the amount? Could I pay in installments? Also, if I were to come along would there be a problem with a few friends of mine tagging along with us at Alton Towers? I understand they wouldn't be eligible for park perks if any came up at that park but they'd love to meet everyone if I do end up coming along.

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^^Jammin, we have about 14 spots left so you should be fine!


^Lou, we need $150 to hold your spot, then by Feb 1 you have to pay an additional $500, then the balance must be paid by April 7. For example we've already received more than the $150 from some people who want to give us the money now so they don't spend it later! You could pay the full amount right now, you could pay $150 now, then $150 a month for sometime, just as long as we had the money outlined in the flyer by when we said it was due:


$150 anytime soon to hold your spot (refundable until Feb 1)

$500 by Feb 1 to confirm your spot

Balance (Final trip cost minus $650 already paid) by April 7



As for your friends meeting up, of course that would be fine! In fact we'll have lots of people meeting up with us from time to time on the trip. The more the merrier!


If any of this is unclear feel free to post back or email or PM me!

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Thanks Elissa. For some reason when I read that in the flyer it just didn't make sense... It's 4.51am here, that's my excuse. :? Fourteen places left... jeez, better make my mind up. Oof.


Lou- "can I really afford to take money out of my savings when I've just lost my job?!" -ise

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Chris^ at this time, I believe they're hitting a "ballpark figure" of somewhere between $1600-1800 US total (not incl.airfare to either London airports). This is probably based on places R&E've already been to, contacted and worked out as far as hotels, transport, the parks tix etc. for a smaller group like us (just over 40 peeps).


I am hoping it works out to $1500 US(hah) - but hey - once in a lifetime for a first-time experience like no other. AND the start of a beautiful friendship with some people who KNOW how to tour the world and have Fun too!


I think one should work to maybe $1500 for now? If you wanted to pay that much of the entire thing. Certainly makes your final difference easy, hmm?

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Surprised you've got Great Yarmouth down as a destination. The place is a chav* haven, (*http://www.chavscum.co.uk/)

The Pleasure Beach is nothing special at all. They have an old wooden coaster, which is ok but you would of been on much better for sure.

The whole place is a dump. Think the most exciting thing will be avoiding getting knifed!

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ok joffy what exactly do you base these opinions on ye maybe great yarmouth is chav heaven but how dare you slate blackpool have you ever even been to the park. I love your quote they have an old woden coaster thats ok.

dont you meen they have the best 4 wooden coasters in britan and the park if freindly and clean as robb and alisa will have seen on there previous visits to this great park. Anyways rant over just to say back up ya statments before you post stupid comments.


ps robb and alisa do ya know ya final plans yet of what parks on what days as we would love to come join you at a few of the parks blackpool being one of them

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Can I just say that GY Pleasure Beach is a great place to go. Yeah it hasn't got massive rides like other parks but it does have a great Scenic and a great sea side atmosphere. Plus, Chavs? There everywhere not just GY. Enjoy your time there. 8)

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