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[RCT2] Evergreen Park!

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Founded in 1968, SFW used to be known as Family Fun Center, When Six Flags bought the park in 2006, they added Dare Devil Dive, a Frisbee, and other rides.

Picture of the main Entrance.

Mcdonalds! And shops.





Some screens are old by the way.

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I've already seen most of these screens, but, ehh. Still very nice, if a bit bland, but it's Six Flags. You could probably send it to dmaxsba to merge, but ask him first. I like what's going on here, but you could use some other colors; pastels, browns, just experiment with things. Very nice start, I'll be watching.

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I see nothing interesting. It's all bland. It's even bland-er then vanilla.

You make those colors look as plain as black and white.


But no seriously I think it's great. Great hacks. Great colors. Really captured the six flags atmosphere.

Now try some diffrent textures instead of all those same walls and roofs.

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