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Roller Coasters Of Europe ( Europa Park & Mirabilandia )


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Hey Guys,


I know that I posted a thread of this kind in another part of the site, but this time, I want to see Robb and Elissa's opinion.


I just wanted to know, what you're opinons of all of the main good coasters at Europa Park and Mirabilandia and Europe.


Like for example, at Europa Park, what you thought of Silver Star and Blue Fire and at Mirabilandia, what you thought of, Katun and I SPEED. They all look great.


All of the rides at these places look good, but I want you're opinion and you're preferece, like smoothness, how fun the ride is, how intense it is, and if it is a so called awesome ride.


Just Curious You're Opinion


What Do You Think




( Matthew )

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Robb did post on your other thread with his opinions.


You don't need a range. Elissa and I's opinions are the only ones that count anyway. Here's my thoughts:


- Silver Star - Decent ride when the trims are off or on lightly. Recent years rides have been much better than opening year.

- Blue Fire - Great ride! Not as intense as the Intamin launchers, but GREAT ride still! Best trains on any steel coaster

- Katun - One of the best B&M coasters out there.

-I SPEED - One of the best (maybe even the best) Intamin launcher out there. Anyone who says the restraints suck is a pussy.

-Mammut - Weak

-G nseaew ( However You Spell It ) - Ok

- Troy - Decent GCI. Not my favorite by them, but solid

- Desert Race - Average

- Colossos - Near perfection. What every wooden coaster should be. Only beat out by it's later versions El Toro, Balder, and T Express.

- Speed - Best Euro Fighter out there! Amazing!

- Megaphobia - Once a top ten coaster, now it's just "ok" - it's actually a decent ride, but it's no longer OMFG amazing like it used to be.

- Tonneree De Zeus - One of the best CCI's. Temperamental. Been on it when it's crap, been on it when it's great! Most of my rides have been great, though.

- Gourdix - Demolish it

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