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I need Trip advices: Abu Dhabi & Dubai Trip - Nov./Dez. 2010


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Hi there,


I round up my year of coaster Trips with a short visit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Nov. 29th to Dez. 06th.


First I will start with a one Day visit at "Ferrari World Abu Dhabi" and sleep in the near of the Park at the hotel "ParkInn Abu Dhabi". After that I´ll have one free day to check out of the hotel and travel to Dubai (my hotel there will be the "Ibis Hotel" next to "The Mall of Emirates"). At the 3rd day I plan a trip to Auquaventure at Atlantis the Palm on Palm Jumeirah; 4th will be a Trip to Wild Wadi and after that I only have another free day until I sadly have to leave again. So it will be a very stressful Trip with a lot of amazing Parks and less of culture - have to do a longer Trip, to experience the whole countries again another time.


I would like to ask you to give me some advices for all those parks and other great experiences I possibly can do in the evening or on my free days. For example, on some day I would like to see the great fountains and Burji Khalifa and maybe I´ll visit the mall over there.


What I figured out so far:


1st Day: Ferrari World

  • - opening Time: 12am-12pm
    - AED 375.- p.P. Premium Ticket (=incl. FASTPASS)


2nd Day: Abu Dhabi - Dubai

  • - Should I spent the most of the day in Abu Dhabi, or is it better to use this day for a first experience and evening in Dubai?
    - What will be the best connection: Bus; Train; Taxi + prices??? = 2 pers.+baggage)


3rd Day: Aquaventure

  • - What will be the best connection from Mall of Emirates to Aquaventure? (Bus; Train & Monorail; Taxi + prices??? = 2 pers. + baggage)
    - opening Time: 10am-?sunset?
    - AED 200.- p.P. Day Visitor
    - AED 50.- p.P. Towel & Locker Rental

4th Day: Wild Wadi Water Park

  • - opening Time: 10am-6pm
    - AED 200.- p.P. Day Visitor
    - AED 20.- p.P. Towel & Locker Rental


5th Day:

  • -12am - Check Out
    - Is there something - maybe at the Dubai International Airport - where I can leave and lock my baggage? (Price?)
    - I plan a visit to Burj Khalifa, does someone hints what I can do there?
    - What and when is the best place and time to watch the fountains over there?



- What else should I visit in Abu Dhabi or Dubai (f. example there are some Indoor Parks in Dubai, too, right?)

- Are there some places with free WLan?

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I can't answer all your points, but having been there recently I can help a little:


- Dubai Airport *does* have luggage storage facilities.


- The Burj Khalifa is at the Dubai Mall, which also has the best coaster in Dubai at Sega Republic. Don't miss it.


I used a local tour company to provide car and driver, which worked well - though we were traveling around all the parks, which you are not; it might be too expensive for what you want.

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Based on my 2010 trip in Dubai :


- The best way to travel through Dubai is either the monorail (to go from Mall of the Emirates to Dubai Mall or to the airport) or the taxi, which is really cheap (approx 10€ for a 30 minutes drive)


- In order to get to Aquaventure, you can either use the taxi or the monorail. The monorail offers a very nice view on the Palm and the Atlantis resort but its departing station is in the middle of nowhere. It's easy to get there with a cab but I wouldn't recommand you to use it on the way back : we spent 30 minutes to find a taxi there. If you come back from Atlantis with a taxi, don't wait the park closing otherwise the line will be extremly long !


- As for the sightseeing, I recommand you Dubai Mall (which as Noxegon said features Dubai's best coaster in Sega Republic) and Burj Khalifa. I think the firsty fountain show starts at 5pm and then it's every 30 minutes. A nice spot to enjoy it is the terrasse of the TGI Friday in Dubai Mall.

You can also have a breakfast at Burj Dubai but you have to book it in advance (just ask at your hotel desk, they will arrange it for you). It is the only way to visit this incredible 7* hotel and, well, the breakfast is not bad at all :-P. Other interesting sites are old Dubai with the souk and the Jumeirah Mosquee.


- Last thing : for the luggage, just leave them in your hotel and come pick them up just before you go to the aiport.

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Just to say Wild Wadi is great! I went last winter and loved it! The master blaster slides are great and hardly ever the same! Just be sure to get there early because when i was there it got very busy!


P.S. Atlantis Hotel,Palm also has a small waterpark but i am not sure if you must be a resident to visit.



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^ You don´t have to be a visitor of Atlantis the Palm. This waterpark is "Aquaventure".


Thanks for your post so far. I found a few informations, but I will post them after my TR, cause I´m not sure that they´re really working. Will have to confirm them. Can´t wait to start the Trip!

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