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Paramount's Kings Adventures [RCT2]

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Paramount's Kings Adventure is located in Tampa, FL. The park started as the third park for marriott. construction started in 1983 however construction halted in 1984 due to money loss, at this time the park consisted a few buildings and and a couple of rides including the small single loop coaster Jester. however marriott sold their parks in 1986. the park in California was bought by Kings Entertainment, also included in the sale was the uncompleted Florida park. Kings Entertainment resumed construction the same year adding several attractions from their other parks, however most of the original Marriott rides were removed. The park opened in 1989 as Kings Adventures. several attractions were added in the next few years. In 1992 Kings Entertainment sold the parks to Paramount, the park was re-branded and Paramount began to add their attractions to the park.


The year is 2003. My name is Ethan, I am the Public Relations Manager for the park. I will be bringing you updates during the season.


Spring 2003


Welcome to Paramount's Kings Adventures


Here is International Street, a famous place to shop and cool down on a hot day.


The other side


Chaos (1989) and Berserker (1989)


Here is the parks big ampitheater, the Hollywood Theater, in the background is the old Royal Theater wich is now used just as a Fear Fest attraction.


This area is called the Groove and is home to sveral new attractions including Face//Off (1999) Flight Commander (1990) Hellraiser (1992) FX Action Theater (1995) and Dodgems (1989)


Here is Adventure Villiage, this area had no theme untill 1991 when The Mine Train was added. Then in 2002 Paramount rethemed the area as Adventure Villiage. The park added Tomb Raider The Ride, one of only two Giant Top Spins in the world. Also The Mine Train was rethemed to Adventure Express and was given the same effects as Kings Island.


The other ride in Adventure Villiage is The Lost River Adventure, a raft ride which completly soakes the riders. Stay Tune, more to come

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Well college really picked up so that meant a huge reduction of building time, however since I'm now on break I can continue with the park. At the time I am re-doing some key areas which will improve the park in function and detail. I plan on finishing the park hopefully by Friday...but I'm still not sure.


Here are a few pics of my progress.


The main area of the County Fair area.


The main slide complex in Boomerang Bay.


Racer and Recar


"Where thrills are Paramount!"

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Just 2 words of advice. Please do not use the pre-made vent objects. They are very ugly and stand out too much with RCT objects. And the green fence around the woodie is also ugly and clashing.


But I like that car ride. That looks to be my favorite ride in the park so far with all the intense themeing. I also love how the waterslides go through the tree that'd be exciting if I was a rider.


Really really nice job.

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Thanks guys for all your responses,


In regards to the fence the color looks different in-game, but I will change it, also I will take care of the air units when I have time.


At the moment I am working on 2 theaters and the Hometown Square section of the park.


Also, does anyone have the steps on how to merge the wooden coaster track for catwalks? This would be great for my coasters.


Fatg "Where thrills are Paramount!"

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That doesn't require merging. You just have to zero clearance the track backwards.


So If the lift hill's going this way -> then you build the catwalk this way <-


So the wooden roller coaster catwalk is just a visual appeal. no merging required.

For catwalks. You can also use multidimensional coaster done the same way as the wooden. but both ways look fine.

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Hey here is a small update, I'm almost finished with the hometown square are, I just have to complete the Paramount Theater. Also I finished the International Theater, which is based on the International Theater at Kings Island, my theater however is located in the Paramount Studios section.


Enjoy "Where thrills are Paramount"






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