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Shenzhen, China - April 2011

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Hi all,


I am going to be in Hong Kong in late March/early April of 2011. Shenzhen, China is directly above Hong Kong and I know of at least two sizeable parks that exist there, Happy Valley Shenzhen and Knight Valley. I will probably only have a chance to visit one, so I was wondering if there are opinions on which to visit. Will both parks be open this time of year? Will the new attractions (the HUGE woodie and X-Cars at Knight Valley and the S&S launcher at Happy Valley) be open?


Also, I would like to know if anyone has any tips about getting there and getting around from Hong Kong. Would a day trip into China be a hassle? Are either park hard to find? Google doesn't have the best relationship with China, so Google Maps isn't a terribly big help.


Any responses are greatly appreciated.




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I'm bumping this in case someone didn't see it and wants to help.


Keep in mind you'll need Visa to get into Shenzhen as opposed to Hong Kong which you do not need one for.


It would be a long day and would involve leaving quite early in the morning to allow for the drive to Shenzhen, immigration, and getting to the park.

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Thank you Elissa. So I take it that crossing the border between Hong Kong and China isn't exactly a cakewalk like going between the US and Canada? Also, I was surprised to learn that I would need a legitimate Visa. Just a passport wouldn't suffice?


I apologize if any of these sound like silly questions, I don't travel internationally often (or really at all).


Many thanks.

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the drive to Shenzhen, immigration, and getting to the park.


I'm sorry for the double post, but I've got another question: are ferries or train rides across the border an option? I understand I'd still need the Visa and immigration, but would that be a good idea?

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Thanks you guys. It seems like the cheapest visa I could find would be a multiple entry visa for somewhere around $140. I think you're right Elissa, it wouldn't be worth it to cross over for one day.


Thanks again for your help!


I'm sorry for my lapse in common sense...

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