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Starliner Coaster Returning to Panama City Beach

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Thought ya'll might want to know that our dearly beloved woodie, the Starliner, that has graced Panama City Beach's Miracle Strip since 1963 after shutting down in 2004 is coming back to PCB. We don't know where yet exactly, but I reckon it'll find its home at the Pier Park mall on the west end. This is from Saturday's issue of the Panama City New Herald.



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As much as I don't really think this coaster needs saving either, I would much rather put my money towards helping this group out over Big Dipper because, after reading that article, they seem knowledgeable and have a PLAN!


And while this plan also seems sketchy to me without a definite location for the coaster, and them requesting the money from Pepsi, they absolutely seem to have their act together a bit more than Kat and the New Zealand boy.


It's clear that they aren't operating on dreams and magic, and know the risk they've taken. You need to be able to manage your own risks and understand the realities of a "worst case scenario." Live in the real world, not fantasy land.



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It's no secret that I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this coaster. Spent many summer nights riding it while visiting my dad in PCB and always had fun on it, even if it wasn't the greatest coaster in the world. As Robb said, these people seem to have their act together and have a solid plan of attack. Hopefully it works!

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After reading this post, I was thinking -


"Could this year be known as the year a few coasters that once were gone now come back to life?"


I mean, Green Bay's Bay Beach is getting the old Libertyland's Zippin Pippin and now Panaman City is getting its own Starliner back! So far, that's two old coasters getting a new lease on life.


Makes you wonder what's next?


"Maybe Kings Dominion might bring back the old Galaxy coaster. What do you think, pillow?"

"All I can say is 'DREAM ON'!"

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^ Well, the article says Starliner wouldn't open until 2012 at best, and they don't actually have a site to re-built it on yet. There are still quite a few details to sort out and this one isn't as set in stone as Zippin Pippin was.

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^The Starliner won't probably be in operation until 2012? Hmm . . . Let me reread that article again.


reading . . . reading . . . still reading . . .


Okay, you're right, but wouldn't it be great if there was a year that we could call "The year that featured the return of the lost coasters!"? Now that would be something.


Still, for me making that little blunder, I add this :


"I'm glad I can't blush. That is one of the many benefits for being a pillow.

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