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The B&M ball.

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Oh yes, the B&M ball for the Dominator, a handy device used by maintenace to insure that the Dominator's tracks are in good working order and to keep the personal safe so they won't have to risk life and limb climbing onto the track for inspection tours.


Still, I prefer to ride the old-fashion way.


"As for me, I prefer to be treated the old-fashion way: with somebody's head on me and heading towards dreamland!"

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I think I've seen one of these things at Dorney Park too. And if memory serves correctly, I believe they had an extra set of wheels made so that they could retrofit it for use on Steel Force.


They probably use it for Talon...of course Hydra probably has it's own maintenance ball as well.

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^As if Silver Bullet didn't go at a leisurely enough pace...


I know I may be in the minority, but I love Silver Bullet and find it offers a pretty intense ride. I actually experienced a grey out on the overbank and a full blackout on the helix once more intense than the ones I have had on the Goliath helix at SFMM. Now, granted, that particular day it was more me than the ride-I was being my usual idiot self by drinking all diet soda and no water at all all day (results: dehydration), and didn't eat anything before and rode 4-5 times in a row, but even under regular circumstances, that helix is pretty crazy all of the time, at least for me. Tensing the legs muscles can prevent the greying out, though, in my experience.

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I remember seeing one of these things on a Travel Channel special, had video of it running through and talking about the device.

It was specifically the ride WildFire at SDC. I had forgotten about it, I thought it was very interesting when I saw it.



Gotta wonder what it feels like taking a zero-g roll or flatspin at only 2 MPH. LOL

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