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Photo TR: Conneaut Lake

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Hi folks,


I was bored over the weekend, so I decided to goof around with Picture-It and some of the photographs I took during our visit to Conneaut Lake's version of Oktoberfest a couple of weeks ago.


Being that CLP is renowned as a quirky little amusement park, it didn't surprise me that Oktoberfest was just that - quirky. The food stands were down near the beach, but out of about twelve stands, only one actually served German food. They had advertised micro-brews which consisted of some great selections (Southern Tier, Dundee, Victory, etc) although I would have assumed that maybe they would have carried some German selections (Spaten, Lowenbrau, etc)? I also thought it odd that the beach house had a band doing all polka's versus a German oom-pah band. Outside was a classic car show..always something you think of when you think of going to Oktoberfest!


Our family went down and spent the night at Camperland across the street, which used to be the home of Fairyland Forest. I was hoping for some old relics and was thrilled that we were able to camp next to Jonah the Whale! Unfortunately, he is the only hold-over from this now defunct children's park.


For the Blue Streak fans, I was able to get one ride on the newly opened and refurbished coaster. I wish that I could say that it blew away my expectations, but to be honest...it kinda hurt. We rode towards the back which turned out to not be such a good idea as we were all jack-hammered at the bottom of just about every hill and my Dad got his glasses broken from them being in his pocket during the ride. Overall, I am glad that the coaster is being refurbished and hopefully more tlc is only going to help it. I think it could be a really great ride if given the attention and money, but at this time it is still a pretty rough ride. I will say that I am a big fan of the extra padded seats and the buzz bars though...I wished I could have ridden it in the front to get a (hopefully) different experience.


Well, enough typing...on with the show!


Our first stop on this epic "trip" is Camperland - across the street from CLP.


Nice run-on sentence, but D'ohhhhh! Quick, hide the beer!


Jonah the Whale is still here from Fairyland! Yay!


I was really surprised that ole Jonah was able to take all of me in his mouth. He wasn't able to swallow me though...


Jonah resides in Malaria Lake which now features a Gator-Ade fountain.


Across the street, the newly re-opened and refurbished Blue Streak beckons us to come on over and ride him!


Awesome...the park is opens & so is the water park! Wait, water park?


Ohhhh...THAT water park!


Let's skip the water park and head for the Paratrooper!


After our awesome twenty minute ride cycle (no kidding!), I posed for a geek-out pic.


Then we headed for the Tilt-A-Whirl...


Post Tilt-A-Whirl visions


Whoops, I forgot to add the picture of the "pointless" teepee at the Camperland, so I'll just add it now.


Okay, we've scored on two rides...let's go see what they have for beer!


Great selection of microbrews they had for...ummmm Oktoberfest.


Little pink corvette! Baby, you're much to fast...yes, y'are.


Speaking of hot pink...


This is still SBNO...


...but I can't...


...figure out why?


After some strong microbrews, let's go see what else CLP has to offer.


Three point challenge anyone? Step right up and win yourself a nice piece of melted lattice...one in wins! Take one home to your girlfriend!


Across from three point challenge is the new rock climbing wall for the kiddies.


Gettin' set up for the Ghost Lake haunt. So who thinks this is the BEST amusement park in which to host a haunt?


This is across from The Fog haunt...


A couple of the clowns arrived a little early...


as did the Siamese demon babies.


Melted lamp posts add a charming touch.


Greetings from Conneaut Lake! Part Two coming soon where we experience the Devil's Den gum wall, Witches Stew, Kiddyland and our epic train ride fail...thx for reading!

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^Yes, it still needs lots of work, but I am drawn to this park's weirdness...I don't know why, but I am! It's ghetto, creepy & charming all at once!


Anywho...on with the report!


After drinking beer and checking out the twenty or so antique cars, we headed for Devil's Den.


I wasn't sure if we would fit in those cars!


Print this out and hang it on your wall...you're wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/kids will love it.


After DD came Witches Stew. This is definitely one of the craziest flats I have ever been on. Being there was no line, we got to ride twice with about a ten minute cycle each time.


But before we could ride, there was a bit of an accident that needed tending too...


So we instead opted for the Trabant. Another fifteen minute ride cycle. About eight minutes going forward and then the rest going backwards. I'm not sure if I have ever been on a Trabant that went backwards. Wipeout - yes. Trabant - no.


If you ever want to be a ride op at CLP, you better be able to know that up is on and down is off!


Let's check us out some 'Mouse the Clown's Kiddie Land' shall we?


Damn it, Conneaut kids...quit playin' with the frickin' matches! You see what you did now? You burned down the effin' Crayola House! As if the ballroom and indoor Scrambler weren't enough?


Or maybe it was done intentionally in preperation for the Ghost Lake Haunt? Sure hope they got Mouse the Clown and Connie Otter's approval first.


This was down. Maybe someone with some cash will start up a crappy internet site and try to save it?


Not standing, not operating.


Nothing to see hear folks...move on. Just a very minor ride malfunction.


Mouse the Clown likes to eat people.


I would like to start a website to get this clown working again. Will you join me? I just have to know what this looks like when it moves and if it can speak in tongues.


I think this might be the only commercialized ride at CLP. Now, if they would only rename the Blue Streak 'Hi and Lois'.


Shouldn't this be at Camp Snoopy? Is this what Charlie Brown meant when he said Red Baron - riding his sopwith camel?


Oooops...gotta go now. I'll leave you with a photo of the SBNO Roll-O-Plane. Cheers!

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The cycle on the Witch's Stew is far too long if you ask me. I was feeling rather ill after my last ride on it (Labor Day weekend). During my visit, the Trabant did not go backwards - I swore it did in previous visits, thanks for confirming memories from long ago.


Thanks for the nice pictures and TR! I'll be at the park this weekend for Pumpkin Fest, hope to get 15-20 more Blue Streak rides in before they close up for the year.

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Thanks guys...I've been having fun goofing around with the pictures. I'm glad you liked them!


I hope to get down there again for Ghost Lake and get more pictures for this trip report. I definitely want to get another ride on Blue Streak either in the front seat, or somewhere near the front and get some pictures of the haunts.

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The owner of the Vette should be shot.



Yeah, I was surprised that was the only Vette at the car show. But they did have a '68 (I think) Camaro and the General Lee, so I guess that more than made up for it!


Thanks for the comments everyone...they're most appreciated!




I was hoping Cooter would be there, but he must be too busy with the restaurants down South. Wait, are there people having sex in the General Lee???


And who didn't want them a Monte Carlo SS when they were a teen in the 80's?


Well, that about sums up the car show!

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Onwards with Part Tres....


This ticket entitles us to one ass-kicking on the newly refurbished Blue Streak.


Dad followed the safety guidelines, only to have his glasses smashed from the side to side jostling.


After our Blue Streak molestation, we decided to go for a nostalgic ride on the train...only to have it fail on the tracks just on the other side of the Blue Streak.


More fuel always helps!


While we were stranded and bored, my sister and I noticed poppin' pod thingies! We remembered these from our childhood!


So easily entertained!


After several no-starts, they finally gave us the boot and made us walk back to the train station.


Where we were able to look up the Blue Streaks skirt...


She does have a nice spread, but just wish she wasn't so rough. Blue Streak likes her rides to be rough and nasty! I get the feeling that if she could talk during her rides, that she would say things that would make a top gay leather bear blush!


Well, that's about it from Conneaut Lake. Perhaps I will try to make it down for Ghost Lake to see if I can get some creepier photos...thx for reading!

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^ & ^^ Did either of you guys ride in the front?


Unfortunately, when we went to get in line about five kids got in line in front of us and took the first few rows, so we opted for the back.


The back reminded me of our ride on Rebel Yell at KD last season where every time you hit the bottom of a hill, you got jack-hammered...but in the front it was actually a pretty fun ride. I was just wondering if BS might be the same way?


I would love to try it at night in the front to see what kind of experience that would be! Might have to go get numbed up with some beers at the Beach Club first though!

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Thanks! I will definitely wait it out for a ride in the front next time. Not sure if I will make it out for Ghost Lake this year, but I'm sure I'll visit again next year. Perhaps they will have done more work on the track and it will be smooth in all of the seats.

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