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Teen racks up 14,000 texts in one month


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In California a 13 year old girl was able to rack up an astounding 14,528 text messages in one month. For those keeping track that's 484 a day which breaks down to 20 an hour or 1 every three minutes, for the entire month!


When asked, Reina Hardesty's replied that "I just like to talk", which is ironic because she was texting and not actually talking. Her parents were at least wise enough that they did sign her up for unlimited texting but if they had not her bill would have amounted to $2,811. For more information about the cost of text messaging to the carrier you can read this article as previously reported on Neowin.


Her parents have responded to the outrageous amount of texting by limiting her use of the cell phone in which she responded, "lke omg ur so mean."





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^Hmm, If she is sending 1 text every 3 minutes then she probably could text pretty effing fast...

I doubt these texts are long descriptions of why Shakespeare's best play is Othello. It's probally more like "hey" or "omg sooo bored" or "ok now im texting for the hell of it."

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My sister used to send 8,000 or so texts a month when she was a little younger. I remember thinking it was nuts because she would sleep with her phone so she could quickly respond to her messages. I send (or recieve) about 300-350 a month and I feel like that is ton. To be fair however while I would be fine without texting, I would feel lost without being able to use my phone for emails.

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Whatever happened to calling people?


Silly rabbit, phones these days aren't for calling and talking to people. A phone is used for such activities like texting, games, and listening to music, but you never use a phone to talk to people! That's crazy!

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