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[RCT2] Paramount's Kings Realm

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Hey whats up everyone I've had this park I've been working on for a while. i usually just read the threads here without posting anything but I wanted to see what people thought of this park...


Let me preface by saying I dont use alot of CS and I really dont have the patience to put alot of time into buildings...but anyway, take a look at these shots. Any feedback is appreciated. I could also upload the park if you want.









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Your park looks great- crowded, but great. The Arrow 'Anaconda' coaster especially looks good- it reminds me so much of that ride back east.


One thing, if you could: put some narrative on your photos so we can understand what we're looking at- I.E. Ride names, where you got the idea for that ride from, etc. It helps us understand what's behind your thoughts on the ride!



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Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. I think the roller coasters are pretty good but its the park as a whole that I'm not that happy with. It seems like the parks I make are always too.....someone said "dense"... i think thats a good word for it.


Here are two more screenshots....including one of the entire map so you can see what I'm talking about. I think I'm gonna try to remove some trees and develop the back area a bit before I release it. What do you think?


This wooden coaster is inspired by the Grizzly coasters from PKD and PGA.


The back part of the park was originally just woods for future expansion...but I think if i build that part now it will look more even....

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Personally, I could care less if it is small because it has such a nice, peaceful charm to it.


The only thing I say is since this is a Paramount type park, why not a kids area based on Nick universe since the parks have/had such themed areas?



Still nice.

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I'm not sure if there are too many non ride related buildings. They are a vital part of a park's atmosphere. You said you didn't like making buildings. Just plop at least 1 or 2 down. Like restaraunts, bathroom buildings, souvenir, giftshop, adminstrative buildings, employee buildings, and info kiosks.


If you don't really do building I suggest doing a duo park with somebody.

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