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Last concert you attended?


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Went to Coachella Music and Arts festival this past weekend! My 3rd year going and it was as always and absolute BLAST!


Out of the many acts on the lineup, I saw MS MR, Duke Dumont, Bonobo, Chromeo, Martin Garrix, Outkast, Dillon Francis, Fatboy Slim, Empire of the Sun, Banks, Chvrches, Lorde, Pharrell Williams, Nas, Muse, The 1975, Alesso, Adventure Club, Little Dragon, Lana Del Rey, Disclosure, Beck, and Arcade Fire.


Quite a busy fun-filled weekend. Until next time




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Went to Coachella Music and Arts festival this past weekend! My 3rd year going and it was as always and absolute BLAST!


Out of the many acts on the lineup, I saw MS MR, Duke Dumont, Bonobo, Chromeo, Martin Garrix, Outkast, Dillon Francis, Fatboy Slim, Empire of the Sun, Banks, Chvrches, Lorde, Pharrell Williams, Nas, Muse, The 1975, Alesso, Adventure Club, Little Dragon, Lana Del Rey, Disclosure, Beck, and Arcade Fire.


Quite a busy fun-filled weekend. Until next time


I watched the live stream on the net and was most blown away by Temples. Did you see them?

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On Thursday, I was back at it in Toronto for this year's Paganfest. This is the show I always look forward to the most each year, being completely obsessed with folk and pagan metal. This year, Korpiklaani and Turisas were headlining. Like any good folk metal show, the entire night is pretty much a giant party with your fun though slightly insane extended family. I had a great time and eagerly look forward to Paganfest 2015. Or whenever the next time a folk metal band comes to town. Whatever comes first.


Here are some pictures!
















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Uhmm...I usually never go to concerts

But the last one I attended was The Pop Festival (March 2011), it had a lot of artists (not so famous) but the prime artist was Shakira, who ended the Festival. Outstanding. I literally dont know how to describe it. The lights, the songs, the stage, the movements, everything was awesome! I had such an amazing time there!I got there when Ziggy Marley was finishing, then Shakira ended up the festival


Here it is the advertising for the festival


Here's Ziggy



She wore at least 6 different clothes


very good concert

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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas this past weekend. 3 days from dusk till dawn of incredible music, rides, and art with a whopping sold out crowd of 400,000 people that passed through the gates over the course of the weekend this year. This marks my 5th time attending EDC and it just keeps getting better!

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We just went and saw Sir Paul McCartney's first concert in Albany on July 5th since the viral infection caused him to cancel some dates in South Korea and Japan.


Despite the fact that we paid an arm and a leg for tickets, we can say that it was well worth every penny. Paul played 3+ hours with two encores and barely took a break in between. Not too shabby for a 72 year old coming back from a pretty serious illness!


There were awesome tributes to John Lennon, George Harrison & Jimi Hendrix as well as tons of Beatles/Wings favorites. I believe that he also played four tracks from the new album.


Another highlight was seeing an older couple get up on stage where the guy proposed to his girlfriend and sang 'When I'm 64' to her. He was actually 64 years and old and (of course) the lady accepted when he got down on one knee and offered his hand. Paul then said that the band had been invited to play at their wedding reception!


If anyone has the chance to see this rock and roll icon, do it...you will not be disappointed!!!!


It was almost surreal to see this on a sign in downtown Albany!


Great seats in a small arena!


Amazing stage set with some great views.


Pretty sure this is where he sang 'Blackbird' from White Album.


Awesome music by the best musician/songwriter on the planet.


I think Paul switched guitars on every single song!


I believe this was 'Hey Jude' where of course, everyone stood and danced/sang along. Such an eclectic mix of kids, teens, adults and seniors - some of whom looked upwards of 85 years old!



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The last concert I went to that I want to mention (The actual last one I went to wasn't that good, so I don't want to mention it. I went for the opening band anyway. xD) is WinterJam in Knoxville around Valentine's Day. The best performances in my opinion were the Newsboys, Lecrae, TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch), and Derek Minor.

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Devourment at the Church of Boston. The actual performances were excellent; everyone brought their A game, and Devourment was particularly fantastic, but everything surrounding the show made me the angriest that I've been in months. Traffic jams, having to drive in Boston, incredibly rude lot attendants, and absurd parking markups all coalesced together to drive me closer to the point of assaulting someone than I've been in forever.

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I haven't been to a concert since Paganfest in May, but in super exciting concert stuff, I managed to get tickets (and a hotel room!) for Wacken Open Air 2015!


The show is a year away, but I'm already more excited than I've been for any other show ever. This festival is the metalhead Mecca. I absolutely cannot wait.

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Summer Slaughter in Worcester. A brief rundown:


Fallujah: Fantastic. They've only really been big for a year or two, but they handled the crowd like pros. Excellent stage presence and setlist choices.

Within the Ruins: Sat them out. Can't stand that band.

Decrepit Birth: Setlist was kinda stale, but the performance was great. Gabe Seeber filled in for Samus like he was born to do that ****.

Origin: HOLY. MOTHER. ****ING. CHRIST. ON. A. POGO. STICK. SO GOOD. Jason Keyser is a god-tier frontman and can turn just about anything into an enormous pit. Amazing song choices, too, with the exception of Wrath of Vishnu's noticeable absence.

Goatwhore: Quite fun. Never been super big on them, but they put on a great show and Ben Falgoust knew how to work the crowd.

Thy Art Is Murder: See Within the Ruins. Same deal.

The Faceless: Better than I thought they'd be. Geoff Ficco is a solid frontman, but the rest of them could use a little more stage presence. They played a whole lot of Planetary Duality material and kept the Autotheism material to a minimum, which was a big plus in my book because the latter album can chug a cock.

Dying Fetus: Absolutely on it. Starting with In the Trenches was a great idea and it pumped the crowd the **** up; the bouncing and fist-pumping from everyone during the breakdown was unreal. They kept the momentum going from there, and the pit was absolutely ferocious the whole time. Trey was also playing faster than I've ever seen him play before; Your Treachery Will Die With You is around 245-250 BPM on the opening blasts on the album, but he was easily pushing 270 here. Unbelievable.

Morbid Angel: You know, for all their faults as of late (especially Illud, good god), these guys still know how to put on an awesome show. Tons of classics that everyone wanted to hear, plus a few very welcome Tucker-era cuts (and Existo Vulgore so as to cover all of their albums, which went over about as well as a wet fart with the crowd), and with tons of energy and stage presence. They finished with God of Emptiness, which absolutely CRUSHED. So goddamn heavy.


Wound up hanging out with Decrepit Birth and Origin in the parking lot afterwards before wandering over to a nearby bar, where Bill Robinson, Chris McMahon, Sean Delander, Michael Keene, and John Gallagher had all set up shop. The two TAIM dudes there were extremely nice (not a fan of their music at all, but I sure as hell can't say anything bad about them as people), and Keene was honestly pretty nice to me as well in spite of his reputation for being a stuck-up dick. Fantastic night overall, though.

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Def Leppard would be awesome to see live.


My last concert was actually Warped Tour 7/22 at Merriweather in Columbia MD. This was my second year, even though the line up wasn't as good as last year's and on top of missing two bands for the third and second time, I still had an amazing day.


Bands I saw this year:

Motionless In White-They were ok I guess, I don't listen to them much.


Of Mice & Men-Originally playing the same time as Attila (who's tour bus happen to break down so it was my third time missing them) so we checked this band out instead. OM&M put on an awesome show and the circle pit was great!


A Skylit Drive-Never listened to this band before but my friends have and I see why. These guys were awesome and I was very shocked they played on smaller stage. Me and my friends and a few others tried getting a mosh pit going but it didn't last long.


Yellowcard-I was very excited to see these guys as I used to listen to them when I was in middle school. They put on a great show and played all the songs I wanted to hear.


Parkway Drive-Listened to these guys very little before Warped. But holy crap, this was probably one, if not the best bands I have ever seen in concert. Everyone was getting into it and it was nonstop jumping, moshing and crowdsurfing. There was even a guy in a wheelchair crowdsurfing and the band loved it! I also couldn't believe how many parents in their 30's and 40's down in the pit. You Australians have some great bands!


Falling In Reverse-Never liked this band and I never will, especially their singer. But my friend wanted to see them so we saw half of their set and left.


Anberlin-One of the last bands to play, wanted to see them perform "The Feel Good Drag" but we left to beat traffic.


Overall it was another great day for Warped and I hope to make it to next year's as well.

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After a five month hiatus from concert going, I got back into the action last night in Toronto to see Overkill. In support were Black Cloud Syndicate and Prong who both put on good shows. Overkill is now firmly on my "must see when they come to town" list as they put on another great set. Can't wait to inevitably see them again.


And because I really am that much of a nerd, Black Cloud Syndicate and Prong were bands 158 and 159 I've seen respectively (I had already seen Overkill before).


Here are pictures. Hurrah.



Black Cloud Syndicate!







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