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Last concert you attended?


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Well...it's been a while since I've posted in this thread and boy have I been busy. Since Nine Inch Nails, I've seen the following concerts:


- Arkona

- Kreator, Overkill, Warbringer

- Death Angel, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, Battlecross


- Alestorm


It was a busy month, but it also marks the end of my 2013 concert schedule. Unless something comes up randomly in December, the next show I'll be at will be in February. Sad times.


Here are some photos and such from my last month of concert going:





















3 Inches of Blood!



Death Angel!



Band of Orcs! They opened for GWAR. I thought they looked cool.



No pictures of GWAR, but here is the "after" picture from being front row centre. That shirt used to be white.




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I'm a big Yellowcard fan and I was finally able to see them live on the first night of their Ocean Avenue Acoustic Tour in Philly this past september. It was an amazing show and I left with my voice completely gone. They played all the songs of Ocean Avenue acoustically and then came back and played about another 10 song set that was electric.


They are doing a 2nd leg of the tour in January and will be stopping at Starland Ballroom. I already got my tickets and can't wait to see them again. I might be exhausted because I'm at another concert the night before but it will still be amazing.

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Next semester's concert schedule is looking pretty good so far. RiFF RAFF and Disclosure in January, Between the Buried and Me and Deafheaven (on the same night!) in March, and tons of other shows to be announced between now and then. I'm gonna have to start saving up now if I want to see them all.

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I saw Coheed and Cambria at the House of Blues at Showboat in Atlantic City. It's one of my favorite places to see a concert because it's a small venue so all the seats are good. Plus parking is usually cheap at $5 and even better they had a promotion that month for free parking at Showboat.

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Last night I went to see Halestorm with Stars In Stereo and Redlight King as the openers.


Stars In Stereo kicked ass. I had heard of them but never listened to any of their music, but they just tore it up. If the job of the first opener is to get the energy up, they more than succeeded. I'm definitely a fan of them now.


Redlight King was not quite as good as SIS, but they still put on an awesome performance. I've been a fan of them for a while, and they actually managed to get me singing along to their song City Life.


Halestorm just took it to a whole new level! They played with so much energy, it was unbelievable. Arejay is a monster on drums, and was pretty much controlling the crowd from the back of the stage. Halestorm is significantly better live than on their CDs, their performance was f**king amazing.


For my first ever concert, this one will be hard to beat.

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Iron Maiden - it was an epic show to see live. I was finally able to see them after years watching vids and enjoying most of their music.


Also, right around this concert, I shot the fireworks for Skillet's performance on the last night of a big festival where they were the headliners. Perfect way to end the festival - I was just a few feet from the beautiful drummer - she was sick and played crazy stuff while her and the drumset went up 30ft in the air, spinning and tilting...Skillet put on a monster show! Holy crap their drummer was eye candy.

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Iron Maiden - it was an epic show to see live. I was finally able to see them after years watching vids and enjoying most of their music.


I'm still waiting to see Maiden! They're headlining a decent festival in the UK along with Metallica so I might cave in and go to that!

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About a month ago now, it was Avenged Sevenfold with Five Finger Death Punch and Avatar as supports. Really enjoyed them. Biggest surprise came with Avatar, since I listened top some of their stuff before the show and thought they were terrible, but they really surprised me and put on an amazing show.


Next show is Download Festival next year unless a band I like announces some dates in spring next year.

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Totality/Dysentery/Dehumanized/Internal Bleeding/Malignancy at PA's Lounge in Somerville. Awesome lineup (minus Totality) and awesome performances from everyone, but the place quickly filled up with drunk townies who spent the entirety of the Dysentery, Dehumanized, and Internal Bleeding sets hardcore dancing and ruining the fun for everyone, and the fact that someone threw a chair during Dehumanized's set, wound up hitting a dude square in the face and splitting his forehead open, and almost wound up getting beaten to a pulp before running like a bitch the minute he got the chance didn't help matters, and neither did the bad sound or the douchebag owner who was rude as hell to everyone even though we were all buying mad beer.

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I last saw Belinda Carlisle in Wellington! She was in great form - looking fit and sounding fantastic.


This was at the Opera House where Peter Jackson filmed King Kong. It's actually a modest little theatre and at one point I turned around an thought: "Holy crap, I'm on the set of the Muppet Show!" It looks EXACTLY the same.


I want more 80s has-beens to make their way downunder!

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Suffocation at the Palace Theater in Stafford Springs, CT. Even in spite of serious technical difficulties (Terrance's amp was acting up wicked bad) and a broken string later on, they still killed it because they're Suffocation and happen to be one of the best live bands around. Plenty of young bands who don't do much onstage stand to learn a thing or two from them.

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I'm very glad that concerts have started up again for 2014. I started to go into withdrawals.


For the first show of the year, I made my way to Toronto to see Dark Tranquility, Omnium Gatherum, Exmortus and The Parellax. Exmortus absolutely stole the show with a fantastic set that blew everyone away. Dark Tranquility and Omnium Gatherum provided great melodic death metal, which made me happy.


Last night, I went back to Toronto to see Children of Bodom, Death Angel and Tyr. I LOVE all three bands, so I was extremely excited for this show. Tyr seems to get better every time I see them. Plus...folk metal is best metal. Just like when I saw them in November, Death Angel put on a fun thrash set that got the crowd worked up into a frenzy. If the crowd was already overly excited, Children of Bodom put them over the top. A nice hour and half long set of both new and older stuff. Any time I can hear Blooddrunk live, it makes me happy.


Here are some pictures!



The Parellax!






Omnium Gatherum!



Dark Tranquility!






Death Angel!



Children of Bodom!


Next up will be Moonspell on Thursday!

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